Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Moitse and Ndax

Moitse and Ndax are brothers. Brothers who not only share some brotherly love, but also a love for good live music, rocking dancefloors and documenting both.

Along with this kid...

... who goes by the name "Deena", Moitse and Ndax used to run a blog called "This is not an Exit JHB". While it lasted, This is not and Exit was hands down the coolest online representation of Gauteng nightlife, awesomely written with great photos that really captured the spirit of the nights the blog's posts were dedicated to.

This is not an Exit sadly didn't last too long (less than 5 months to be exact) and made their lost post in December 08. This didn't stop our intrepid brothers, who were still seen, cameras in hand, every time something cool was going down.

Chatting to Ndax at this year's Oppikoppi, I asked him what they were doing with all the photos and videos they'd been shooting since the blog fell silent. He said they'd kinda just been sitting on them. I said he should post some stuff up on So Many Animal Calls. He was keen. We all dragged our feet for a few months...

Fast forward to now, and I'm proud to present to you Ndax's first Animal Calls; some photos from "The Humans are Dead"!
Video of the night, by Moitse on the way!

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