Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dynamo - let's go!

So on Saturday night I'm properly throwing the first event I've designed in well over a year.

It'll be Halloween and I'll officially launch my new series of parties, the robot themed "Dynamo" with a night called "The Humans are Dead". We've flicked the switched and said "Now it's on!", but only on the Saturday the 31st of October 2009 will we fully unveil the future. An unstoppable force of fun and fury, a mechanical menace that will scorch eyeballs, explode eardrums and melt brains. A dancefloor destroyer we've dubbed: DYNAMO!

After two successful prototype events earlier this year, the "Dynamo Robo Parties" will officially launch on Halloween at Pretoria's finest underground venue, Hotbox Studios. The brainchild of two of Pretoria's most passionate party promoters, Sassquatch (co-creator of the Sovereign Academy) and Moe Joe (one of the beasts behind behind Kidofdoom and Griet), Dynamo intends to further push the boundaries of event design, cementing Pretoria's place as the capital of audio-visual-freak-out- awesomeness.

But beyond it's two originators, Dynamo is already a mass collaborative effort between some of the most enthusiastic and creative minds in Gauteng youth culture today. Pulling together a small army of musicians, designers, animators and stuff-creators to construct an unprecedented robot apocalypse, Dynamo's debut event "The Human's are Dead" will feature:

* 4 of the most bloodthirsty live acts around!
* 5 demonic DJs spinning devil post-spazz-disco-core-electro-noise!
* Monstrous light shows and visual projection!
* Terrifying merchandise from the KRNGY Label, Delight clothing and Mikado accessories!
* Shocking give-aways from the above sponsors, plus MK Bruce Lee mutant magazine!

So robots, zombies, voodoo dolls and cyborgs, get ready to rock out. This Halloween we'll raise our glasses high and rejoice as we scream "THE HUMANS ARE DEAD!"

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kazaaminator said...

humans are dead=legendary event...