Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skim Grot Saterdag!

It's time to Shop, Drop and Roll!
Come join us on the 2nd of July, for the 5th Skim Grot Saterdag.
We've got a bunch of new Products on sale.
If you join us at the last one you'll be amped; we're giving the shop a revamp.
We will also be selling Kapoweraid again. mmmm.....Brain freeze
The Pretoria Film Sosatie will have a nice screening area where you can check some shortfilm between chilling, drinking and shopping!
We arez alsos gonna Lekker sokkie!
No bands!
- Sassquatch
- MoeJoe
- Oliver Twisted
- Minx
whap whap wapwapwapwapwap....
So come and join as "Boer Kinders"!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 15 Oberhausen

Today's drive to Oberhausen is pretty epic, so we wake up early, have some breakfast, walk back to the venue to get our vanadream, then hit the road. The most exciting thing we see along the way is a huge building that looks like R2D2. The photo I snap of it does the droid no justice, so let's just skip to Lex sitting in the road outside the venue, re-stringing his guitar.
We're playing a venue called Drukluft and it's just awesome; a community arts center with a multitued of venues for different musicians and artist to make things, exhibit them or put on performaces.
We're given dinner by the venue's lovely in house vegan restraunt and enjoy a bit of sun before we head inside.
It's pretty clear early on this is going to be one of the more quite shows, but Young Legoinaire rock out regardless. Then it's our turn to take to the stage and do our thing for the great little crowd that have pulled through.
And it's awesome.
We hang at the venue for a bit, then head to the hostel we've been booked into. From outside the place looks a little odd, but only once we head in do we discover just how weird it really is.
Various shenanigans ensue.
Dean stands making a strange squeaking sound outside our room for what seems like forever. Gordon walks into the place and rings a large bell that says "Haus Alarm". Five minutes later Dan walks in, takes one look at the bell and does the same thing. While we're trying to find a vending machine or some kind of food source Lex and Jun sneak into the clearly marked "staff only" swimming pool. Later we find Dean has somehow gotten locked outside the hostel. And then there's Lex, constantly asking where the internet is.

Friday, June 24, 2011

You are invited! Kick out The Jams!

The new High Five Records release "Kick out the Jams!", is an action packed ride dedicated to garage rock, guitar (over)driven pop and the sounds of the great grand-daddies of punk. If you're looking for modern-day radio hits, smooth RnB, bangers, anythingwithautotuneinit, darkside rave, gaga kaka or "something more fonkey", we highly recommend you do not expose yourself to the raw power of "Kick out the Jams!". You can get your fix all over the place, so why come to us looking to score something we're not pushing? That's just stupid.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Us Kids Know everything must go!

I'm not even sure how to write about something like this. It's some pretty damn depressing news for a blog that's usually written with a such chipper demeanor, but there is a silver lining in this cloud too...

For the past few months Us Kids Know have been writing, practicing and recording in a Scout-hall in Ilovo. Over this past weekend the space was broken into. A bunch of the band's equipment was stolen and The Kids have now found themselves without a space to practice in (a problem the band grappled with for ages before finding this Scout-hall). In the aftermath of the robbery the band have created a facebook group, claiming the band is breaking up and having a sale on the last of their lovely hand-crafted merch. While the band are insisting this is the end, I'm taking it with a teaspoon of salt. UKK are no strangers to extended hiatuses not to mention generally tomfoolery including messing with their loyal fans. So I'm staying optimistic and hoping this isn't the end of my favourite active Joburg band. If, by this time next year, it seems the band well and truly has broken up, I will personally rally up an angry mob to beat the crap out of The Kids for breaking my heart. While it's unclear if this is the end of the book or simply another chapter in the band's tale, what is for sure is that we won't be seeing Us Kids Know out anytime soon. They did announce in the notorious group that they had 2 remaining shows. The first of these went down on Tuesday night at the truly awesome Howl Folk Festival. It was a fantastic show, honestly one of the very best environments I've ever had the pleasure of watching the band in. The final show goes down on Sunday afternoon at Alliance Francais' "Fete de la Musique". This annual event already sounded like something really special before I even knew Us Kids were playing. On top of that the band have asked me to project some visuals for their set. Now that it's been revealed that this is the last chance anyone will get to see them live anytime soon, you definitely don't want to miss this:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 14 Rosenheim

We wake up and discover the view of Prague from our balcony.
And then discover a weird little statue on a weird little shelf in the corner of the room.
Then Nestor makes some magic happen getting our van out of the little street we're stuck in.
We head back into Germany, and arrive in Rosenheim. Lex needs strings, so half our party heads off to find a music shop, while Jun and I sit our asses down to drink some locally brewed weissbier and eat some currywurst.
We meet up with the rest of the gang and hang in a pretty park for a bit.
Then make our way back to the venue and along the way discover a local brewery making people drink something called "Hell".
Back at the venue we soundcheck, get fed great lasagna and meet some swell new friends.
Young Legionaire do their thing and it's pretty damn great.
We do our thing which is fun even though we can't really hear what's happening onstage and the people of Rosenheim stand and watch us all silent and motionless. Honestly, after the amazingness that was Prague last night anything would seem a little anti-climactic I suppose.

After the show we stick around for a few drinks and then we walk to the hotel we'll be staying in. Once we get there we discover that we can get onto the roof of the hotel through the window in our room, so some major hooliganism follows, running around on the roof in the light rain.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hooray for Humans! V9K completes final recording session for EP!

As some of you may know, the next release from "So Many Animal Calls Music" will be Vampire 9000's "Loose Fur EP". This past Saturday V9K invaded Jacob Israel's Benjamin Studio to lay down some finishing touches with for the EP. Helping him out were guests, vocalist Eve Rakow and drummer Louwrens Fereira. I think it goes without saying that I'm damn excited for what's going to be coming out of this!