Friday, May 27, 2011

Jo Fo Euro. Day 13 Prague

We once again say goodbye to beautiful Germany.

And then, for the first time say hello to beautiful Czech Republic.

The drive flies by and next thing we're at the venue, Klub 007.

The atmosphere of the city is just lovely. Our new local friends insist the university recreation district we're in is one of the ugliest parts of the Prague. We I couldn't care less; the way the city is just bombarding us with positive jams, I couldn't be happier.

Backstage we discover another reason to love this place; it's the second gig of the tour where the promoters have followed the "one small robot" request on our rider. not only that, but some kids have brought us an inflatable power ranger, brandishing a sword and wheel of cheese.

We get on stage. Run around. Try to reciprocate the awesomeness this city has given us. The wonderful crowd beams the same straight back us and what follows is what has to be the best back and forth barrage of good vibes between us and any crowd of this tour.

We finish our set but are only backstage for a few moments before we race back on stage and gladly deliver the encore the crowd's calling for. This ends with lex surfing around said crowd. The top gun theme firing out of his guitar as he's passed around above the heads of this loveliest of crowds.

Afterwards we have the best time hanging out with the kids that got us here and came to watch us. Cue many many little glasses of green liquid.

By the end of night Dan needs to drag us away kicking and screaming. This place is just too cool and I wanna stay here forever.

On our way to our guesthouse, some of our new friends take us to see a great view of their awesome city.

And then it's time to head home.

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