Thursday, May 19, 2011

You are invited! Us Kids Howl Again!

Last year Us Kids Know played a pretty landmark set on one of Wolves' first Howl nights. It was just before the band released thier momentous "Problems Tape" and it saw the then duo unveiling a whole new incarnation of themselves. Reverb drenched acoustic guitar, toys and noise. The new sound stuck - Colin played a good few shows with just acoustic after that. So yeah, that the Howl gig debuted a new version of the always changing band. In the less-than-a-year since the band have already grown into something new, with the return of electric guitar and the addition of multi-instru-mentalist Cammy Lo Lo. And now this new version of Us Kids Know will be bring thier new bag of awesome back to Wolves - tonight!

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C86 said...

Cammy Lo Lo???!

SNAP! That's marvellous.