Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free music Friday: Mine All Mine Two Hundred!

Free Music Friday posts are generally reserved for awesomeness from South Africans. Today, I'm making a bit of an exception (kinda).

US-based record label "Mine All Mine" have been keeping busy. Very busy. So busy, that the young label have already put out more than 199 releases! To celebrate their 200th release, they've put out "Mine All Mine Two Hundred", a compilation of 28 songs. It just so happens two of these 28 songs are tracks from our very own SMACM artists, opening with some awesomeness from Jaysynth and later featuring a number by Eyes Like Mirrors!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You are invited to Rebel Alliance 3!

I'm very happy to invite you to this one: Sometime last year I stumbled across a free-to-download EP from a Cape Town band I'd never heard of. On my first listen of Bateleur's "Mountain" I totally freaked out and proceeded to listen to it again five times over before leaving work, heading to band practice, playing the EP for The Mirrors and seeing them freak out in much the same way I did. Ever since then Bateleur have been the one local band ELM have most desperately wanted to play with live. Now, more than a year down the line, this dream is finally coming true; Bateleur will be heading up to Gauteng to play some shows and celebrate the release of their latest music video. One of these shows just happens to be the next Rebel Alliance. needless to say I can't wait for this night to come around.
Jozi's only music/ animation/ film cross-over night makes it's final appearance of 2011 with Rebel Alliance 3 "Retirement of the Sith". Expect a night of audio and visual thrills featuring:
The Cape Town 5-piece bring their unique brand of instrumental awesomeness to The Bioscope for the first time!
Eyes Like Mirrors!
Alliance favourite's ELM, armed with the power of cinema rock mayhem. continue their crusade against The Evil Empire.
Slave Race 2!
The second installment of Matt McFarlane's animated rebelion! This month: Secret Societies and their subversive impact on South African history.
Teen Creeps!
The premier screening of this debut film from upstart awesomeness collective, “Lovechild”!
I'm further away than I usually am!
Coinciding with their live performance, Bateleur unveil their highly anticipated new music video, directed by Christopher Bisset.
“Turn Your Light Up High” vs “Pixel Pirates”!
Jozi's renegades of technology return with a brand new bag of freshly hacked video and lighting tricks

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jo Fo Euro: PS not soon enough

While I'm dragging my feet posting the final chapter of our Jo Fo Euro tour adventures, here's a little video I made to celebrate the release of the band's third album, Johnny Foreigner vs Everything.

In part it's made up of clips that were used as visuals on the tour itself. Landscapes, shot from our van which I animated Lewes ghosts flying across and play live across the rest of the tour. Then there's footage of our failed attempts at floating little "boats" down some water feature in the lovely park we stumbled across in Kiel, Germany. Finally there's live stuff, us in Wimbledon, captured in slow motion radness by my dear old friend Phil Davies.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Martianmartian artwork revealed!

Tomorrow night at Rebel Alliance 2 SMACM will be celebrating the launch of our next release, the self titled Martianmartian EP! I just got some photos of the artwork, a 10 inch, hand-drawn/ painted/ crafted gem created by the Martian himself Jean de Wet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rebel Alliance 1 in videos!

With the second installment of our music/ film/ animation cross-over event just around the corner, I thought it'd be neat to share the clips that formed the not-live part of the night!
First, Jaysynth's original soundtrack to "The Impossible Voyage" which he put together to celebrate the release of his debut EP (which you can download here!)
Then (an abridged version) of Russell Grant's story about taking back the city in animal suits, Fuzzy John.

And finally, Cool Your Jets' music video for Vampire9000's "Colours" (if you don't have it yet - grab his EP here!)

Rebel Alliance 2 is going down this Saturday. We have a killer lineup for this one and it just so happens that 10and5 are giving away a pair of tickets for the night right here!

You are invited to A Candy Coated Event!

The girls from 2InTwine are building up a reputation for organising some of the most fun, super-sweet parties Johannesburg has to offer. Their last gig, I Scream for Spring, was a really fun night featuring rock and roll, dance moves and free icecream-cones. This next one should be just as fun, with the icecream being replaced by candy floss and caramel vodka. Eyes Like Mirrors will be joining the night's really diverse lineup and I'm really looking forward to playing this one!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make-Overs: Surfbored Music video.

The ultra-prolific rock and roll/ illustration/ animation/ production/ scream-machine that are Make-Overs have just released another new music video! This time they've made some visual awesomeness to go to the sounds of fan-favourite Surfbored. The track will be getting a vinyl release through US lable HoZac Records. Word on the street is that a couple copies of the 45's will be sent over to South Africa and I'll be damned if I don't get my paws on one of them babies!
P.S. Don't forget, Make overs are currently on a tour through South Africa - get all the dates right here!

Monday, November 14, 2011