Thursday, August 30, 2012

Soundtrack to the Home Movie Factory trailer!

Easily one of the most amazing projects that I've had the privilege to be involved in,  The Johannesburg Home Movie Factory opens it's doors tonight. As part of the marketing campaign for the installation, Cool Your Jets (our three man animation collective) created a short trailer for the Factory.

To soundtrack our creation, I assembled a pretty ridiculous collection of songs. A few of them are tracks released on my own SMACM label. All of them were created by dear friends spread between Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. One way of looking at it might be that this is the shortest Sassquatch power-mix I've ever put together. All in all the trailer tears it's way though 10 different songs in less than three minutes. Here's the tracklist, complete with download links to grab the releases the songs were lifted from.

Construction King - Brother Sport


The Plastics - Jukebox (Jaysynth vs Sassquatch Repack)

The Bad Drugs - Electroplasm

Bateleur - Further Away than I usually am
Cargo Cults EP

Greenisforturbo - Misdirected Preconceptions
Lunchbox for a Dream

Gateway Drugs - Airwaves

Nicolaas van Reenen - Floating in Windows 95
Wrestlemania EP

Us Kids Know - Tick Stapping
Friendship Test EP

Christian Tiger School - Carlton Banks
Soundcloud Beats EP

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Al Bairre - When I Was Tall

I was pretty happy to discover Al Bairre, the latest in a rapidly growing list of neat new bands that have come out of Cape Town over the past year or so. Now, I'm happy to share Al Bairre's first music video with you! Produced by Naas Films, here's "When I Was Tall":

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Home Movie Factory opens this weekend!

After weeks and weeks of hard work by a very dedicated little team, The Home Movie Factory will finally open it's doors this weekend!

The opening weekend has sold out, but you can head HERE to make bookings for future dates!

On Thursday night, The Bioscope are celebrating the launch of their grandest project to date with an opening event that should be pure awesome! Your humble narrator will be picking out a bit of a soundtrack and doing some VJing. I can not wait to project visuals onto a screen the size of the giant one they have in MOAD!

Not even sure if there are any tix left, but the Bioscope just messaged their mailing list, offering up 50 double tickets for the event. RSVP to to try grab a pair!

Click this pic for giant sized floor plan awesomeness!

All HMF photos hijacked from the intagram of Bioscope head honcho Russel Grant AKA rusky_boy. Follow him. For your health!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You are invited to remake movies for Need for Swede 2!

Following on the roaring success of Need For Swede, I'm happy to announce the sequel here and now!

Need for Swede 2 will be happening at The Bioscope on Thurday the 27th; giving all you sweders more than a month to whip up some home made magic for us!

NFS2 will be the second installment of a 3 part series. Along with our friends at Another Day, we've lined up an insane bundle of prizes for the most popular swede made over the course of this trilogy!

P.S. If you're a little confused about this business; last month's explaination is right here and here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You are invited to The Postbox birthday party!

Good news everyone!

This Saturday I'll be a part of a pretty fantastic lineup, assembled to soundtrack the birthday celebration of an underground art institution!

I don't even know where to start with all the good Postbox has done for local artists working in all mediums. Most recently they curated the Paperslam exhibition at Oppikoppi. Earlier this year, Eyes Like Mirrors enjoyed one of our best shows since I joined the band, playing the excelent launch party for Postbox's new website.

Now they're celebrating their birthday, and doing so in pretty wonderful fashion. I'll be doing rare DJ/VJ set alongside three of my favourite selectors in the business, Rick Disco, Dr Khumalo and Plaat Japie! The lineup will be completed with a set by Pretoria's prince of party times, Yesterday's Pupil and live visuals by the eyeball-melting Flux!

The theme for the night is Dirty Disco. People that come dressed up get in for R30 instead of R50 and Postbox has all kinds of prizes lined up for the best of the bunch. We're even throwing in a few albums from SMACM and sets of tickets to the next Rebel Alliance: need for Swede event!

This is gonna be boss:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Christian Tiger School - Vakidis - music video!

There's little that's more awesome than when different creative forces converge. Today's example; the visual-magician Kent Andreasen multiplying his brilliance with the sonic-huggernauts that are Christian Tiger School!

SMACM007 - Jaysynth - Welcome to Limbo

Happy new music day!
SMACM has just released "Welcome to Limbo", the second EP by multi-instrumentalist, producer, artist and excellent human being, Jaysynth!

As with his debut EP, we're releasing a run of limited edition discs. For now though, feel free to have your day made by grabbing the digital version for free!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

You are invited to Untamed Youth Jozi!

Once again, I am mega-stoked to be playing the next Jozi episode of the overly-awesome Untamed Youth parties!

I'll be joined on the night by my main manimal, Moe Joe as well as Yo Grapes doing a rare DJ set AND Cape Town super-freak VGA!

Consider me one excited Sassquatch!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Need for Swede 01!

Introducing Need for Swede; South Africa's first DIY blockbuster remake super-jam!

Across August, September and October, Rebel Alliance will focus on curating and presenting hand-made homages to Hollywood hits, in the style of Michel Gondry's "Be Kind Rewind".

Need for Swede is an open event. All sweded films will be shown on in the month they're received. Our favourite swede's from August will roll over to be re-screened at next month's installment. After our final event in October, fans will be able to
vote fore their favourite swede through Another Day. The team behind this winning remake wins a massive hamper of awesome from a selection of the finest DIY brands in South Africa.

1) Keep it under 5 minutes.
2) No post production - do all your special effects in-camera!


1) Take what you like, mix it with some other things and make a new thing!
2) Use what you have!
3) Bring it home!
4) Have fun!

Sweding is fun and easy! It embraces the human element; there's no such thing as a "mistake" in a swede!

Send questions and submission to:

Sweding 101:

Taxi Driver swede:

This event has been created in anticipation of the Joburg opening of Gondry's "Home Movie Factory"!