Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Plastics - Occasional Lies

So here's something I am mega-excited to share with you!

I was recently invited to do a bit of animation for some Cape Town friends called The Plastics. When I saw what they wanted me to animate over, my brain exploded.

Directed by Duran Levinson & Baden Moir, this video is pretty much all my heart desires. That is: cats and guitars. I was very, very happy to be involved in this project and am really pleased with how everything came together. But why am I making you do all this reading when you could just be watching kittens smashing tambourines? Let me just shut up and let you watch the video!

You are invited to The Hi5 Cosmic Caravan!

The tenth episode of Hi5 is around the corner and we've got an extra special party planned for this one!

Griet have invited us to take over their Caravan Stage at this year's Grietfest. We've picked out a great collection of DJs to play said caravan and have drawn up some crazy decor and lighting plans to transform it into "The Cosmic Caravan". Can't wait for this one!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bye Beneco - On The Line

While Joburg lies mostly dormant on the new band front, Bye Beneco are one of the few awesome new bands the city has birthed over the last while. The young band have been doing great and it's really encouraging to see how they've been making great things happen. They just released their first music video which is for their song On The Line. Check it out!