Thursday, May 30, 2013

You are invited to even more awesome stuff!

It's actually a bit too much; I've been busy since Monday crafting a huge post about everything that happened over last week. The second half of the Dune Rats tour was just great and I had the DJ set of my life at Sowing the Seeds and all this other awesome stuff happened in between all that. I'm working on a post that does it all justice but damn! It's just too much! Especially with trying to juggle actual work as well - it's taking ages! So I'm quickly jumping ahead, letting you know about what new adventures you can join me on over the next three days!

Tonight, Ri and I are trying something new with our regular Thursday night party, Hi5! This Thursday will mark the first Hi5 Lounge! The idea is, the last Hi5 of each month will be a free hang-out where Ri and I play whatever we want and get our friends in to come DJ with us. If you'd like to be one of those friends, grab some CDs, swing by Kitcheners tonight come kick out the jams with us!

Then on Friday, Eyes Like Mirrors are making our return to our favourite venue in the city, the awesome Bioscope Independent Cinema! This the the most perfect place for us to do our cinema-rock thing and what more we're return to the Bioscope as part of a fantastic lineup of bands. Expect all kinds of audio-visual magic from A Skyline on Fire and The Watermark High who we're supporting! Really can't wait for this one!

Then on Saturday, it's time for Untamed Youth! It's really no secret just how much love I have for these cross-city disco freakouts. That said, I am especially excited for this next episode because I'll be going head to head with Data Takashi, the CDJ-wizard that was my full time partner back when I started DJing in 2005! Beyond the Sassquatch vs Data Takashi reunion, the lineup for this episode of Untamed Youth is solid gold from start to finish. You'd be pretty foolish to miss this!

Well, that's what I'm looking forward to - hoping to let you know about last weeks awesomeness before all this hits. Fingers crossed that i can pull that off!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Days like Television: Dune Rats Friendsofmine

Here's another gem from We Are Awesome's Friendsofmine series. This time the friends are none other than Australian heroes Dune Rats, who have recently been enjoying ripping up South Africa!

Don't forget, you still have 3 chances to catch this awesome band. I highly suggest you grab every one of them!
Tonight the band play Puma Social club with The Dollfins!

Tomorrow, the band play Sowing The Seeds alongside scores of awesome bands and DJs including your friendly neighborhood Sassquatch!

Then the Rats say goodbye in style with one final show at Park Acoustics!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This week in Sass-ville!

Tonight I'm squeezing in an extra Cape Town appearance, spinning a set at my favourite weekly disco meltdown, Untamed Youth! The lineup for this one is solid gold, so don't miss out!
I'm up from 12-1AM!

Then Thursday is gonna be crazy! First, i'll be facing off in brutal DJ battle with my dear aquatic friends, The Dollfins! Up from Cape Town, the kids will be facing off against myself, Kodiak and the  one and only Hi5 Captain, Plaat Japie!
I'll be kicking things off from 8-10PM

From there I'm jumping next door for We Are Average! This themed night by We Are Awesome promises to be all kinds of radical!
Can't wait to get my normal on!

Then on Saturday, it's the big one!

I am SSSSOOOOOO stoked to be playing Sowing the Seeds this year! Rocking the Dasies last year was hands down the most well put together festival I've been to in this country. For real. So I was just stupid happy to be invited to play this year's installment of the fest's little Northern brother, Sowing The Seeds! The lineup is just stellar. So many of my favourites squeezed onto these two stages!
I'm up from 9 to 11 and planning so much fun stuff it's almost gonna be too much to handle!

Then I'm finishing this marathon off with some VJing! I'll be spitting out some video at the 3rd birthday of Pretoria's greatest day time ritual, Park Acoustics!

RSVP here!

Exclamation marks!

Friday, May 17, 2013


The first Hi5 Live with Dune Rats was just incredible. Good vibes overload! Was just the loveliest show and I had such a fun set alongside my friend Nathan Scott Phillips. Thank you so much everyone who was there and made the night what it was! Thanks to ShortStraw for being so eager to join in the awesome, thanks to my stellar co-conspirators Plaat Japie & Doctor Khumalo for putting the night together with me and thanks to everyone who pulled through, danced and dished out high fives!

Next up: Tonight at Amuse I'm doing the keytar-throwing, eyeball-melting thing with my band, Eyes Like Mirrors!

Then, Saturday! I'm getting to whip out some more rock and roll in support of The Dune Rats AGAIN! I feel like one lucky Sassquatch! Sooo much awesome going down on this night!

Then I have no less than SIX performances of different kinds around the country next week, but I'll wait for Monday to stick them all in one list!

Thanks again for warming this Sassquatch's heart Joburg. Last night was just incredible!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Days Like Telvision: Shortstraw!

So ShortStraw just released a new video:

As I was planning to post that up here, I realised there's also a really fun video from last month that I failed to post as well. So here's that one too!

Don't forget, you can catch the band supporting Dune Rats at Hi5 tomorrow night!

Friday, May 10, 2013

You are invited: Dune Rats 1st South African Tour!!

Oh man - this is a an exciting one!

There's this pretty fantastic Australian band called Dune Rats. They're pretty new, so this could well be the first time you're hearing about them. And you may ask yourself "WHAT THE HELL?!? WHAT'S A DUNE RAT? DO THEY BITE?!".

If that's the case, I suggest you take a deep breath, calm down and aquatint yourself with the joy of Dune Rats via the following videos:

Pretty swell huh? Now here's the good news: Dune Rats are coming to South Africa!

The cherry on top, for me, was being invited to illustrate the posters for the tour as well!

Another stroke of good luck was that Ri and I are able to host the band for one of their Joburg dates! Next Thursday, the 16th, we'll be happy to have Dune Rats performing at our brand new weekly Kitchener's night, Hi5! Ri and I will both be supporting the band alongside the legendary Doctor Khumalo!

Then! I'm flying down to Cape Town on Saturday to spin another DJ set in support of The Rats! The night will also feature Dr. K, as well as great selection of other DJs and 3 killer local bands! This is gonna be out of hand!

Fun times ahead everyone!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fridge Poetry - Soweto Slo Mo EP

Today's music comes from one of my favourite people on planet Earth. Together, we've shared some of the highlights of my life including the time that:

In Johannesburg we tamed lion cubs.
In Cape Town we got lost in the mountains.
In Baltimore, some crazy man convinced us he was part of Pretty Girls Make Graves.
In New Orleans we had an impromtu dance party in the middle of an empty club.
In New York City we played our hearts out.
In some random diner "learned us how ta eat Suthern".
In the middle of nowhere USA we ripped the roof off our camper van, then played in fountains. 
In Philadelphia we got shut down by the cops. Had a drink, then finished our set.
In Manchester we saw the world's most frightening backstage graffiti.
In Lausanne we played under a bridge, built hundreds of years ago.
In Rotterdam we got silly.
In Berlin we cleaned out a whole buffet.
In Rosenheim we ran around on hotel rooftops, in the rain at 2AM.
In Achen we played in an abandoned Cold War bunker.
In Prague we drank absinthe.
In Paris we played the quietest rock and roll show ever.
In Birmingham we played X-Box and ate curry and hung out in the park
In transit we defeated The Ice Of Boston.
In Chicago we did scream-acapella covers of Weezer and mimed playing drums for Mock Orange.
In Madison we raced office chairs around a fancy boardroom.

I could just keep going on and on and on about all the awesome memories I've generated alongside this lovely man, through Africa and Europe and The States. But that's not what I'm here for! So let me just jump straight ahead to saying today's music fix comes from none other than Junior Foreigner!
Best known as the beast behind the beats and bleepy-bits of Johnny Foreigner, Jun also produces some super lush electronic music under the name Fridge Poetry. He's just released his debut EP which you can freely stream to your heart's content bellow!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Free Music Friday: Humanimals!

Today's free music is a pair of singles from the magic hands of Matthew Watson. You may know Matt as the entity behind the drums in my band Eyes Like Mirrors.
But outside of his extreme drumming powers, Matt is also pretty damn awesome at guitar and singing like the guy from Creed and composing songs about pizza. Making use of his skills with other instruments and his mad song-writing abilites, Matt has started a project called Humanimals. Under that name, Matt produces lovely, tappy, mathy kinda stuff, which is so my cup of tea. I hope you like it too!

 While Humanimals is still a studio-only-project, you can catch Matt kicking out the jams with Eyes Like Mirrors. Our set at Red Room tomorrow night would be a good opportunity to do this!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Music Friday - Ampersand edition!

As you may know, I've vowed to make every day a Free Music Friday till I get through all the good stuff I've not shared over the last while. It's been going well so far. Two days straight. That's a far better job than I've been doing for months right? But now a problem has presented itself. What if people release more awesome stuff while I'm still making my way through everything I missed already?

This problem became a reality last night when I saw the link to download a collection of songs i have been looking forward to for literally years.
So yeah, no two ways about it, today has to be all about sharing "I wish I were who I was when I wished I was who I am" - the massively anticipated new EP from Ampersand!