Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This week in Sass-ville!

Tonight I'm squeezing in an extra Cape Town appearance, spinning a set at my favourite weekly disco meltdown, Untamed Youth! The lineup for this one is solid gold, so don't miss out!
I'm up from 12-1AM!

Then Thursday is gonna be crazy! First, i'll be facing off in brutal DJ battle with my dear aquatic friends, The Dollfins! Up from Cape Town, the kids will be facing off against myself, Kodiak and the  one and only Hi5 Captain, Plaat Japie!
I'll be kicking things off from 8-10PM

From there I'm jumping next door for We Are Average! This themed night by We Are Awesome promises to be all kinds of radical!
Can't wait to get my normal on!

Then on Saturday, it's the big one!

I am SSSSOOOOOO stoked to be playing Sowing the Seeds this year! Rocking the Dasies last year was hands down the most well put together festival I've been to in this country. For real. So I was just stupid happy to be invited to play this year's installment of the fest's little Northern brother, Sowing The Seeds! The lineup is just stellar. So many of my favourites squeezed onto these two stages!
I'm up from 9 to 11 and planning so much fun stuff it's almost gonna be too much to handle!

Then I'm finishing this marathon off with some VJing! I'll be spitting out some video at the 3rd birthday of Pretoria's greatest day time ritual, Park Acoustics!

RSVP here!

Exclamation marks!

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Anonymous said...

Ben! You're so busy! A good sign of excellent SASS