Thursday, November 21, 2013

You are invited to be a party animal!


This Friday I'll be involved in a rediculously exciting gig!

Jose Cuervo are bringing over two great acts; power-pop superheroes The Subways (in full rock and roll glory) and 90ies alt-hop legends, The Fun Lovin' Criminals (in their deadly awesome DJ form)!

What's more, a stupid awesome collection of local acts have been summoned to support these two. I really can't get over just how many of my favourites have been crammed into one bill - it's gonna be incredible!

I'll be lucky enough to contribute to these good times twice over the course of the night! First, spinning records as DJ Sassquatch and seconds spinning in circles with Kidofdoom. This is the final show we have lined up for our rather drawn our reunion tour, so will be pretty bitter sweet for me, but we honestly couldn't ask for a better big bang to go out on.

Tickets are set at the ludicrously low price of R100 - get em here!