Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Music Friday! Super Special Bumper Edition!

Are you excited? You should be!

Today I'm happy to announce the very first "Super Special Bumper Edition" of Free Music Friday, featuring freely downloable aweomeness from not 1, but 3 fantastic local acts!

First up, the biggest of them all; a release that's being called an EP, but with 8 full songs and one 28 second long casio loop and people screams jam, it's closer to short album than an EP. I was lucky enough to get a taste of the joy of Beach Party in Cape Town a few weekends back. Comprised of 4 boys and a girl, this band is easily one of the most exciting new acts to emerge out of South Africa in 2011. And considering they've already recorded and released what pretty much counts as an album in my eyes, they're showing the kind of can-do attitude that's just what we need to save us from the usual snail-pace lethargy that plauges so many local acts.
Next, firm "Free Music Friday" favourite, Yo Grapes, breaks into the new year with yet another gem. This time, Craig's filling you in what he's getting up to over his holidays!
And finally, Yesterday's Pupil has unveiled the second installment in his ongoing, free-to-download series of singles, leading up to the release of his second album. Once again collaberating with his frequent partners in crime Louis Minnaar & Tumi, "Deul" see's P-Dawg further expanding his borders with two songs that sound nothing like anything he's released to date!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Days like Television: Rebel Alliance 4 Trailer!

Seems like this blogs become pretty over-run by space kittens in the buildup to Rebel Alliance 4 on Saturday. I'd like to write a "happy new year everyone" post and get round to listing my favourite stuff from 2011, but just not getting round to it between juggling preparations for Saturday and getting into the Nigerian educational video scene. Till things clear up a bit, you'll just have to make do with this torrent of Alliance related posts.

Today I'm happy to share the trailer for the next instalment of our cinema-rocking "fuck yeah" fest!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Days like Television: Bateleur - Further Away Than I Usually Am.

I'm still writing a proper post on the awesomeness that was Rebel Alliance 3. While that's still on the way, might I direct you to one of the highlights of the event, a little music video that was launched on the night, directed by Chris Bisset and set to the ridiculously great soundtrack of a little band called Bateleur.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You are invited to "Rebel Alliance 4: A Mew Hope"

After the dark silence of December Holidays, The Rebel Alliance rises up like a phoenix once more!

Joburg's only music & moving image mash-up event returns on Saturday the 28th of January. Rebel Alliance pt.4 "A Mew Hope" marks a celebration of all things sci-fi and spacey, run through distinctly South African filter. This month's rebels include:

EYES LIKE MIRRORS To make up for not being able to make RA3, The Mirror's return to their favourite venue! Expect their usual cinema-rock explosions, plus the debut of brand new inter-stellar visuals!

SPACELINGS Our own sequel to November's "Earthlings" feature, Spacelings collects 4 sci-fi music videos from South African bands. Featuring gems from Kidofdoom, Havoc Vultures, Die Heuwels Fantasties & Yesterday's Pupil.

JAYSYNTH presents CLOUDS OVER HILLS Multi-instramentalist and cross-medium art renegade Jaysynth makes his sophomore Alliance appearance, unveiling "Clouds over Hills" his latest single and accompanying music video!

ALIVE IN JOBURG Neil Blomkamp's sci-fi short about aliens trapped in Jozi, the ingenious concept that would later be brought to life in his feature film masterpiece District 9.

We do this all the time: Rebel Alliance 2 (pt2)!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love will tear us apart.

Hard to believe, but it's already time for the 12th and final entry in High-5's compilation series. Over the past year, through parties dressed up as imaginary compilation records, High Five has explored the vast oceans of dance-floor ready rock and roll from surf and swing to garage-rock and funk. For the final episode of this series, we're happy to present to you a night dedicated to one of the most explosive chapters of rock and roll history. This month's High Five DJs have been hand picked to provide you with a near lethal dose of raw-power from the pioneers of post-punk & new-wave plus numbers from the modern day athlete's that carry the torch those forefather's lit more than 30 years ago.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

You are invited to "We Are Beautiful Looser 2"

*Yaaaaawn!* OH HAI!! So I hope everyone had really lovely, sleepy Decembers and 2012's so far? I'm still waddling my way out of hibernation. I don't expect I'll be able to feel like this for much longer. While I am still down in Cape Town, enjoying my last few days of holiday before I head back to JHB, in a few hours I'll be kicking out the video-jams with Bateleur! I'll be joining the band for their performance at this: Apparently last year's installment of "We are Beautiful Loosers" was one of the most awesome nights that went down in Cape Town last year. With the lineup they've got this year, I don't imagine it'll be any less awesome this time around. I'm especially excited to be playing in conjunction with Stuart, the band's usual visuals-creating-dude. Stu and I will each be playing out to our own screen while the band plays. I've never done anything like this dual-projection-VJ-battle-madness before; I can't wait!