Saturday, January 14, 2012

You are invited to "We Are Beautiful Looser 2"

*Yaaaaawn!* OH HAI!! So I hope everyone had really lovely, sleepy Decembers and 2012's so far? I'm still waddling my way out of hibernation. I don't expect I'll be able to feel like this for much longer. While I am still down in Cape Town, enjoying my last few days of holiday before I head back to JHB, in a few hours I'll be kicking out the video-jams with Bateleur! I'll be joining the band for their performance at this: Apparently last year's installment of "We are Beautiful Loosers" was one of the most awesome nights that went down in Cape Town last year. With the lineup they've got this year, I don't imagine it'll be any less awesome this time around. I'm especially excited to be playing in conjunction with Stuart, the band's usual visuals-creating-dude. Stu and I will each be playing out to our own screen while the band plays. I've never done anything like this dual-projection-VJ-battle-madness before; I can't wait!

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