Friday, July 26, 2013

Disco de Moda - Disco Sucks so Good!

This Saturday I'll be joining a fantastic lineup for a party that promises to be nothing short of inter-stellar!

On the 27th of July Disco de Moda will spreading it's wings; taking a brief flight away for it's much loved home at Kitcheners for one night at an exciting new venue called Chez Ntemba. The first event of it's kind to be held in Chez Ntemba, I am MEGA excited to see this venue. The space itself was once know as Sunningdales Hotel, a charming, but really seedy spot where we threw the Television parties back in 2006 and later Electric Affair. Since then, Sunningdales went under and the space has been reclaimed and completely reworked. Going by photos, it's gonna be something else!
So yeah, there's this exciting new venue, but beyond that, there's just so much to say about this party! For starters, feast your eyes on the poster for the night, created by my incredibly talented partner in crime, Matt McFarlane!
Then there's the promo video, created by VJ Grace Jones who, as fate would have it, will be spitting out eye candy on the night as well!

Then there's this neat drink special they're running on the night, serving up gin and tonics (the most disco of all beverages) for a mere R20 a glass.

There's also a really great mix tape that DDM head honcho Data Takashi mixed; the perfect soundtrack to getting you stoked for this party!

Then, there's the big one, an incredibly cool competition Disco de Moda are running with We Are Awesome. Get all the details here!
Lastly, there's the actual lineup of the night. In my books, it's nothing short of perfect. Most prominently Cape Town superhero Tommy Gun will be flying up for this show. Then an awesome selection from Jozi herself, we'll have Data takashi, Casioheart, H-Bomb, Rakkie and myself. I'm lucky enough to be playing two sets on the night! My main slot will be at 11PM, but I'll also be playing a three way battle with Tommy Gun and Data Takashi at the start of the night. Gonna be mountains of fun.

In short, this really is the most exciting dance party to go down in Joburg in ages. You'd have to be one very foolish sucker to miss out on this!

RSVP here!

John Wizards - Lusaka by night

Cape Town's John Wizards have just released a music video for their track Lusaka By Night. Animated by Sebastian Borkenhagen the video is a perfect extension of the artwork for the band's upcoming, self-titled album and it's also a lot of fun. Check it out!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SMACM009 - Jaysynth - Until we meet again

I'm very happy to say "Until we meet again", the debut Jaysynth album and our 9th release through SMACM is out!

The album is a beautiful collection of 8 songs. It's a bit of a heart wrenching listen; rather melancholy, but there's a strong feeling of hope bubbling under and ultimately it's a pretty triumphant record. Overall, it leans a lot more towards post rock than the earlier Jaysynth EPs did. 

As with all SMAC releases, the album is freely available online. For proper fans, there's been a small run of CDRs packaged in hand crafter sleeves. Get in touch if you'd like one! Otherwise:

Yo are invited to Hi5 Yo Grapes!

Tonight marks the next episode of Hi5! This will be the 8th episode in this new series and I guess once we get to ten I can't keep calling it new anymore.

For our eight instalment, we have a very firm SMAC favourite, Yo Grapes. I've been in love with this project from the release of his first single, Outside, so finally hosting him at a SMAC event is going to be great. Supporting, we have a brand new solo project called Phosphene. This far, Phos has released two singles and I'm really looking forward to seeing what his live show it like. As always, Plaat Japie and i will be on DJ duty, but will this week also be joined by our dear friend Doctor Khumalo! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

You are invited to see Kidofdoom return to Pretoria!

Following on a pair of amazing reunion show in Cape Town and Joburg a few weeks back, on Friday night Kidofdoom are getting back together for one night of carnage in their hometown of Pretoria. I'll again be joining the band on visual duties and couldn't be more excited for this one. The line up this time round is all kinds of awesome, with highlights coming in the form of The Watermark High and Breakfast, which is the brand new DJ persona of Vampire 9000!

As well as performing with the main attraction myself, my own band Eyes Like Mirrors will be playing in support of Kidofdoom as well. While we're all super excited to be supporting the instrumental titans, Friday's show is going to be bittersweet for us. Friday night will mark ELM's final show before we go on a hiatus. Our guitarist Jason will soon be relocating to Europe for a bit and while this doesn't mean it's the end of Eyes Like Mirrors, you surely won't be able to catch us live again until next year at the soonest. But, setting aside any sadness about the end of this chapter, we couldn't ask for a more awesome night to go out on. Friday night is gonna be amazing!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Jaysynth - "Until we meet again" announced!

Jaysynth has an album on the way! "Until we meet again" will be his first full length release following on his past two EPs, 2012's "Welcome to Limbo" and 2011's Self Titled.

Team SMAC are really excited to be sharing this collection of songs with the world soon! As always, the music will be digitally released with a "name your price"-tag attached. For this special release we're also busy folding up some cardboard sleeves for a limited CD-R run of physical copies.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Watermark High - Murmurs EP.

The new EP from The Watermark High is out!

Murmurs is the third EP the Joburg producer has released in little over a year. Murmurs is a pretty definite development from last October's awesome In Flux. In much the same way, In Flux was major progression from March 2012's fantastic Slow Motion Clarity. With this steady stream of great releases and The Watermark High's killer live show - he's surely one of the most exciting lights in the Johannesburg right now. So yeah, I'm very happy to be able to share Murmurs below:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hi5! Live! Make Overs and Black Lung!

For the next episode of Hi5 we've got an extra rock and roll selection of awesome! This week we welcome Cape Town noise-merchant Black Lung, who will be in town on their first tour up North. On top of this we'll be hosting Make overs - a band who's praises I have sung over and over and over again on this blog. The night marks the band's first Joburg show after returning to SA after a highly successful tour of The States - needless to say, the band is sure to be on fire!

Additional to the bands performing, M & A from Make Overs return as KRNGY DJs - spinning a set of vinyl gems they harvested while traveling through The US. Ri and I will be spinning some records ourselves - awesome times are guaranteed!