Friday, July 26, 2013

Disco de Moda - Disco Sucks so Good!

This Saturday I'll be joining a fantastic lineup for a party that promises to be nothing short of inter-stellar!

On the 27th of July Disco de Moda will spreading it's wings; taking a brief flight away for it's much loved home at Kitcheners for one night at an exciting new venue called Chez Ntemba. The first event of it's kind to be held in Chez Ntemba, I am MEGA excited to see this venue. The space itself was once know as Sunningdales Hotel, a charming, but really seedy spot where we threw the Television parties back in 2006 and later Electric Affair. Since then, Sunningdales went under and the space has been reclaimed and completely reworked. Going by photos, it's gonna be something else!
So yeah, there's this exciting new venue, but beyond that, there's just so much to say about this party! For starters, feast your eyes on the poster for the night, created by my incredibly talented partner in crime, Matt McFarlane!
Then there's the promo video, created by VJ Grace Jones who, as fate would have it, will be spitting out eye candy on the night as well!

Then there's this neat drink special they're running on the night, serving up gin and tonics (the most disco of all beverages) for a mere R20 a glass.

There's also a really great mix tape that DDM head honcho Data Takashi mixed; the perfect soundtrack to getting you stoked for this party!

Then, there's the big one, an incredibly cool competition Disco de Moda are running with We Are Awesome. Get all the details here!
Lastly, there's the actual lineup of the night. In my books, it's nothing short of perfect. Most prominently Cape Town superhero Tommy Gun will be flying up for this show. Then an awesome selection from Jozi herself, we'll have Data takashi, Casioheart, H-Bomb, Rakkie and myself. I'm lucky enough to be playing two sets on the night! My main slot will be at 11PM, but I'll also be playing a three way battle with Tommy Gun and Data Takashi at the start of the night. Gonna be mountains of fun.

In short, this really is the most exciting dance party to go down in Joburg in ages. You'd have to be one very foolish sucker to miss out on this!

RSVP here!


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