Monday, May 31, 2010

Good weekend. Donaldo MacaDonaldo and the Theater Invaders

ARRRRGGHHH! It's a report back on yet another damn good weekend!

(Warning - bizarre changing of tenses ahead) I spent Friday night hanging out with Col and Pat. We watched a film I haven't seen in years, the hilarious Japanese comedy “Welcome back Mr. McDonaldo”. Shot in the mid 90ies the film revolves around the production of a radio drama. Featuring “superstar” radio-actors, weeping truck drivers and of course the return of Donaldo MacaDonaldo, the film is super funny and so worth hunting down. I woke up early on Saturday and spent the whole morning and most of the day animating visuals for The Curse of Monkey Island. It was just elements from the flyer I drew, but I think the visuals turned out pretty sweet.

Kyle, Kathy and Jason swung by my place to join Anja and I on the Pretoria adventure. A misplaced DJ mixer delayed our departure from Jozi a little, but we still made it to PTA by 4:15, leaving us a good 45 minutes to enjoy the very first Skim Grot Saterdag...Not!

It turned out the times MJ had sent out with his first email about the DIY market had since changed. Meaning we arrived to the very depressing site of people packing up beanbags, candy floss, classic video game consoles and cocktail making supplies. Luckily for us the shop itself was still intact leaving us to hook up some lovely products. Anja got one of the Doctrine/ Delight shirts. I got a Mikado mustache, a sticky antlers badge and a great drawing of a hamster in a ball. Christian also hooked us each up with a beer to make up for us having come to Pretoria 5 hours before the night's party only to miss all the fun.

We left Doktrine HQ and grabbed some Chinese food for dinner. I got pomegranate aloe juice to drink, so I was pretty happy.

We went to the Capitol at a time that seemed really early. We hung around for a bit, but before we knew it the party was already going down. Colin kicked things off with a great little set that featured, big Ben favourites, Errors and We Have Band. Rox took over, then Marc Latilla. Inside Mr Sakitumi got the crowd grooving to his unique, ninjatune-tinged take on dance music. He was followed up by Isochronous. They were as ridiculously good as ever, but what was great to see was the spell they cast over the massive crowd. Seeing 500 people totally hypnotized by Iso's magic was incredible.

While stupidly grinning at the effect of Iso's phenomancing of the crowd, Lourie runs up to me to fill me in that I need to get ready to take over from them. We head backstage and I start flapping through pages of my CD wallet trying to find something to follow up such awesomeness. I settle on LCD's "Big Ideas". The boys finish, I get up on the stage and have the best time. I'm never fully comfortable with being on a big stage - being more than an arm's length away from the dancefloor just doesn't feel right. Still I have a great set that just improves as the Tutus get up on stage and start checking their gear in time with my songs. It's obviously just coming through the stage monitors and no-one else can hear what they're doing, but it's yet another gem in this evening of treasure.

(I see that in that last paragraph I just switched from past to present tense. Oh well...)

Once the Tutus start playing the place goes nuts. I dance/ fight my way through the crowd towards the second stage. Cam's playing and in 3 seconds he makes me feel like the most unrockandroll DJ ever. He's spinning Dananananaykroyd which launches me right into a massive spazz out as soon as I hit the floor. I stay there rocking out till 10 minutes before the Tutus finish and I start my next set.

I watch the last 3 songs of Tutu power from behind the stage and can't help but rock out with them. They finish with Peter. Nic gives his bass to the crowd. The crowd go crazy. The Tutus leave the stage, but the crowd is screaming for more. The band gets pushed back on stage, Nic's bass swims it's way back to the front of the stage and the boys kick into an encore. I notice that one of the guys from visiting Cape Town act PH FAT is setting up his gear on top of the CDJs. Whether it's miscomunication that he doesn't know I'm playing between his band and the Tutus or assholeism, and this is the first time an act has intentionally tried to steal my slot, I don't know. To be honest I don't really care because this gives me the perfect excuse to go jam head to head with Colin who just started on the 2nd floor.

Joe sees me leaving and tries to stop me. For about 15 seconds it seems he's set on telling PH FAT that I'm up after the Tutus, but when he sees how excited I am to jam with Col he makes a 180. He put his arm around my shoulder and sends me off to the second floor with very clear instructions to "make that floor rock!" and "grab anyone that wants to go home and get them dancing again!" Once I reach the second floor I can see that I'm not really gonna need to do either of these things. The floor is already rocking and I'm not seeing anyone heading through the front door.

"The Kodiak vs. The Sassquatch" is a furious battle. People are loosing it. Henk comes over and tells me PH FAT are playing and that we need to try get the crowd over to the the main stage. I tell him I promised Joe I'd make this stage rock, and that chasing the dancefloor back the main stage would be braking that promise. "Fair enough".

Rox joins in on the one on one madness. I drop something and hit the dancefloor. Spazz out. Khyle and Kathy steal me away for a couple minutes. They guide me through some darkened corridors and staircases. Next thing I know we're in the actual theater part of the Capitol. Tonight's the third huge party I've been to at this venue, but this is the first time I've gotten inside the (now condemned) old theater. It totally takes my breath away. It's massive. We're right at the top of the whole thing and staring at the screen on the opposite end to us everything get's hazy somewhere in between. It's really heartbreaking that this venue hasn't been used in decades. This is where we should be dancing. Forget the fact that we'd need 4000 people in here for to full it up, this space is too majestic not to be enjoyed anymore.

We head back down to the floor. I play a couple extra songs and dance to a whole bunch more. Anja's falling asleep on her feet so I rally our forces and we pile into my car. Over the past year my CD player had been getting progressively more and more fucked. Now it just refuses to play any discs. Except, we discover, the "New Health Rock" single by TV on the Radio. I'm not sure how many times the 3 songs on the single repeat before we're home but it's a very pleasant drive back to Joburg.

Jason and I land up hanging out till 4:30. This isn't too weird, but the fact that at 9AM I wake up and can't fall asleep is. I deiced to take this opportunity to catch up on some quality time with my much loved copy of Fallout 3. Anja surfaces at 12ish. We get some lunch and then climb into bed to read some comics. This results in us both passing out, waking up at 5:30PM having effectively slept/ gamed the entire day away. My weekend ends the way it started, watching a great comedy with Patrick and Colin. This time the dudes are over at my place and we're watching High Fidelity. I haven't watched this film since it came out at the movies. I'm kinda horrified when Patrick tells me that was a decade ago. So it goes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

You are invited! Monkey Grot!

Yesterday's episode of the "You are Invited!" series focused on good times to be had in Joburg over the past two nights. Today's installment is all about awesome stuff going down tomorrow in our country's most rock and roll city - Pretoria!

In the afternoon Doktrine will be hosting the very first event in a super exciting new project called "Die Skim Grot Saterdag". Skim Grot will be a kind of shop. Kinda. It'll only appear once a month and every time it pops up it'll be in a different location. They'll have a stict policy of only selling products created by local talent, including Animal Call favourites Delight. Needless to say I'm mad excited, and we'll totally be driving through to Pretoria a little earlier to buy some stuff and rock some cocktails and candyfloss.

Check out the details here!

Then in the evening we'll be heading into the heart of the city center. Inside Church Square we'll be infiltrating the Capitol Theatre for this: To begin with the Capitol is an incredible venue. No one has done a party there since the Sovereign graduation back in 08, so I'm super excited to get down there again. On top of the fantastic location, the lineup is pretty damn swell too. A good chunk of my favorite DJs from this side of the country will be playing. And Mr. Sakaitumi who I've been wanting to see for years. And guitar wielding heroes The Tutus and Isochronous. Yup, it's gonna be a really good one.

Free Mix Friday! Nathan Scott Phillips - Visible horizon

This Friday's free mix is something really different; Nathan Scott Phillips has taken a pretty unique approach to what a DJ mix can be, bluring 5 songs into a beautiful, strange new creature. Clocking in at just under 19 min long and 22mb to download there's no reason you shouldn't listen to it right now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We do this all the time: You! Me! Dancing! pt I

photos by Anja Venter

You are invited! A howl and a disco.

Two nights of Jozi fun on the horizon!

Tonight ceramic animal sanctuary, cake shop and home of awesomeness, Wolves, will be doing their regular Thursday night "Howl". Last time I was there for Nathan Scott Philips it was great. Tonight they're hosting Rhinoshirt, the acoustic-guitar-wielding, Destiny's Child-cover-singing alter ego of Craig the man behind the infections dance beats of Desmond and Tutus. Tutus guitarist Doug is rumored to be playing in Box of Suggestions, although having never seen them before I really can't say. Could this be the new Captain Planet? Banjo anyone? Then tomorrow night; dance party instigator extraordinaire, Ri, will be throwing yet another awesome night at Kitchener's Carvery. For this round it'll be disco time as he throws the next installment of the excellent "Disco De Moda"! The last episode was super fun and I don't see why tomorrow night will be any different!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010