Thursday, May 27, 2010

You are invited! A howl and a disco.

Two nights of Jozi fun on the horizon!

Tonight ceramic animal sanctuary, cake shop and home of awesomeness, Wolves, will be doing their regular Thursday night "Howl". Last time I was there for Nathan Scott Philips it was great. Tonight they're hosting Rhinoshirt, the acoustic-guitar-wielding, Destiny's Child-cover-singing alter ego of Craig the man behind the infections dance beats of Desmond and Tutus. Tutus guitarist Doug is rumored to be playing in Box of Suggestions, although having never seen them before I really can't say. Could this be the new Captain Planet? Banjo anyone? Then tomorrow night; dance party instigator extraordinaire, Ri, will be throwing yet another awesome night at Kitchener's Carvery. For this round it'll be disco time as he throws the next installment of the excellent "Disco De Moda"! The last episode was super fun and I don't see why tomorrow night will be any different!

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