Monday, May 3, 2010

Good weekend: "Volcano vs. The Comic Books" staring Guitar Hero and the Thrift Kittens

This weekend got off to an awesome early start with Dogbox on Thursday night.

There were a few less people in attendance than the mob that showed up for the first JHB installment of Griet's dancefloor destroying series. That said, there were so many friends in there that the night felt fantastic as soon I walked into Cantina Tequila. Add to that the fact that said friends all rocked out like mad people and I had a super super fun set. Once I finished playing, I witnessed Moe Joe and Peter Rocka go head to head, PACK the dancefloor with Moe Joe's Star Wars/ disco mashup and proceed to kept a small riot going for hours. In true Hotbox style the party kept me in it's clutches for far too long, something i only realized when I got into bed sometime after 3.

Not surprisingly I didn't feel great having to be in at work at 8 that morning. I landed up needing to stay late and only headed home at around 8. Once I got home Anja and i quickly went to grab some dinner and then met up with Rox and Wim. Rox and I would be DJing our 3rd party together in a week - a personal record for us since That Girl started spinning tracks late last year.

The party we'd be playing was the Adobe Go Create event, which was essentially the launch of CS5. This was the first time I'd ever played a corporate event, but given that it was Adobe it felt quite fitting. Over the past 8 years I haven't gone more than a day or two without spending hours with Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects.

A rather confusing drive through town later we landed up at Arts on Main for the event. To be honest my initial feeling was that the night was gonna be a disaster, an opinion most strongly formed by the fact that the sound guys had used 1 of the CDJ RCA cables to connect the mixer to the massively distorted sound system. This meant I couldn't start my set as planned at 10PM because only 1 of the 2 CDJs could be plugged into the mixer. We hung around for a while, honestly thinking I was just going to go home without playing, but then something pretty magical went down.

Somehow an RCA cable appeared, somehow the people there freaked out over the Sass disco sounds and somehow I had a pretty ridiculously fun set. Anja and I intended to wake up bright and early on Saturday but it didn't work out that way. We still managed to get down to the important business of the day - namely that it was Free Comic Book Day at Outer Limits and that there were new kittens at Bounty Hunters!

Bounty Hunters is a thrift store around the corner from my house. I'm not much of a thrifter these days, but I'd say Bounty Hunters is my favourite in Joburg. Other than being a place where, if you're lucky, you can find some really great vinyl, clothes, toy and old technology, Bounty hunters is also the kind of place where you can hang out with cats! Loads of cats! Bounty Hunters is run by a woman called Gale, who loves cats. So much so that she's converted Bounty hunters from a simple thrift store, to a place where, between scartching through boxes of dusty records, you can stroke any number of cute cats wondering around the place. For a catless cat lover like me this is one of the greatest public services around. On Saturday Anja and I went through to enjoy this, knowing it'd be even awesomer than usual because there would be KITTENS! A BASKETFUL OF KITTENS! WITH DINOSAUR FRIENDS! After hanging with the wee kittens we crossed the street to hit Outer Limits. Saturday was international "Free Comic Book Day". As the name suggests, FCBD is a special day where the comic lables publish issues of their comics to be given away free. But like that Christmas when Santa's reindeer got too high to fly, Free Comic day didn't come to South Africa this year.

Turns out that crappy Icelandic volcano caused such a backup, that a shipment of comics to South Africa weren't an urgent enough export that needed to leave Europe.

Despite not getting any free comics Anja and I still left the store with a pretty good haul. Our best find of the day; an original Fantagraphics print of Love and Rockets no.2!!! We spent the rest of the day reading comics and helping Matt out with getting the house ready for Nicky's birthday party.

Birthday party came and went with much awesome hamburger eating, beer drinking and band hero rocking. A memorable part of the evening came when we foolishly sung "Happy Birthday" outside on the balcony. This resulted in last weekend's villian (the mentally unstable, sound-aphobe from down the street) calling the cops. They showed up saw we weren't making any noise and left with the promise that we wouldn't sing Happy Birthday again.

Surprisingly our sad neighbor wasted even more of our police's time by calling them out again later in the evening. They arrived, incredibly confused to find 6 of us, quietly hanging out on the balcony and talking amongst ourselves. Yesterday was mostly spent moving Anja into her new home. Conveniently it's already the home of our dear friends Cam, Jar, Karien and Rox, so Anja is now a member of a pretty wonderful group of housemates. After Anja had settled into her new room we tried watching the late 90ies comedy Dead Man on Campus. At first it was pretty amusing, in a lame "after the fact alternative culture cash in" kinda way, but about half way through got really really really crap. Once (like an episode of Frasier on crack) the protagonists started trying to hide different annoying charachters from one another I had to jump up and put an end to the torture. Cam proceeded to save us with an episode of the wonderfully horrific Snuff Box. A show that bridges the gap between League of Gentlemen and Mr. Show is a sure fire hit for me, and a super cool way to end a good weekend.

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