Friday, April 30, 2010

We pray for moments like this XXIV - Joburg - 22 Feb 2010

Today is kinda depressing. Less than 48 hours ago the Foreigner's and I were throwing ourselves around The Roxy's stage. Now I'm sitting behind my desk, doing the same thing I do every regular weekday; animate animals dancing around for children's TV. It's not a bad gig, generally i love my job, but after the sheer awesomeness of the Johnny Foreigner tour so far, being back at work is a major downer.

While lack of leave means I need to be in at work today, Jo Fo, Anja, Skat and Chris are enjoying their 2nd day off in a row. They're hanging out at Anthea's house, most likely enjoying the awesome view and the pool. After work I head home. The gang returns from Anthea's hood an hour or so later. Anja's hooked up a whole bunch of groceries from China Town and proceeds to whip up an incredible wok full of tofuy awesomeness.

We eat, x-box, guild and for once get an early night. We've got some really important business to get down to tomorrow.

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