Monday, April 19, 2010

Good weekend: Lupinecakes and Terrorbird

I've realized that since starting the "Good Weekend" series of animal calls, my weekends have been pretty geeky. Following this new tradition I'm delighted to say this weekend was, by far, the most geeky one yet. Basically all I did was eat cake and play video games.

On Friday night we celebrated my friend Chris's 21st birthday. This made me feel rather old - I remember the first time I met Chris. It was at one of my first Secret parties. Chris, at the age of 15/ 16 was being led around the party by his older sister Nix - she was using him as a kind of mobile store. She's approach people to find out of they were into cute/ weird Asian accessories. If anyone said "yes", this would be Chris's cue to open up his blazer, revealing hundreds of badges, charms and broaches pinned to the inside of it. Like a shady stolen watch salesman in a film from the 1970ies. But with loads of Totoro related merchandise. Since meeting Chris I've seen him grow taller (taller than me which NO ONE else I know has gotten right), start DJing, and change his hair about 1000 times. Now, on Friday we celebrated him being 21. To do this Chris assembled everyone at Wolves. I ate a slice of orange cake, 2 cupcakes, a slice of chocolate cake and drank two pots of tea. I listened to Chris' doubleplusgood soundtrack for the evening and caught up with old friends. It was awesome! Anja was out of town this weekend - she flew to Cape Town on Thursday for her cousin's wedding. This left me sadly girlfriendless and lonely. Too make up for this Colin swung by with his X-Box, we fired up my newly acquired projector, linked our consoles and proceeded to spend most of the weekend racing around alien wastelands, shooting ATLAS corporation space nazis and blowing up giant desert insects. On Saturday night Col needed to go DJ a birthday party. Luckily I wasn't alone to long - my new partners in audio visual crime, Jason, Matthew and Shannon swung by for a visit. Life without Buildings songs were listened to and Mae Shi videos were watched. Yesterday was another day of co-op carnage, that was interrupted only for a few hours when Colin and I joined Patrick, Claire and Rachel for lunch (AKA chocolate milkshakes). After tasty beverages were consumed and crazy rain was enjoyed we went back to my place and got our game on. At 9ish we went to the airport and collected a pretty exhausted little Anja, who fell asleep during the drive back. When we got home she gave me an awesome awesome awesome present from the Cape, which was a pretty fantastic way to end a weekend of most excellent gaming and eating.

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