Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We pray for moments like this XXIII - Joburg - 21 Feb 2010

It's been less than ten days that I've been on this tour but it feels like months that we've been doing this. It's probably the last 3 days, the madness of flying to Joburg and getting the band onto Studio 1, playing Hotbox and then Dynamo last night. I'm destroyed.

Luckily today is the first of 3 days off and we take full advantage, sleeping crazy late and not doing much at all once we wake up. We mostly hang out by the pool, listen to loads of The Sea and Cake. Some friends come hang out and Matt Suttner rocks an incredible braai for the gang.

When the sun goes down the X-Box turns on and we race around The Mushroom Kingdom shooting spinning tortoise shells at each other.

Awesome times.

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