Thursday, April 1, 2010

You are invited! Take me somewhere Tings.

With tomorrow being a public holiday, there's a whole bunch of awesome stuff going down tonight. Here's my pic of what you should be getting up to: Broaden a New Sound are pretty damn fond of throwing parties with instrumental bands on rooftops. The 3 or so times it's happened in the past couple of years it's been amazing, and tonight is sure to be pretty damn special too. With a brand new rooftop (the Bella Vista), a lineup of three stellar bands, a killer flyer drawn by Says Who Studios, Hruki merchandise on sale and all around awesome vibes, if you only do one thing in Joburg tonight then this should be it.

RSVP here.

And if you're up for an after party then THIS should be it. I've fanned out loads about Marc Latilla's fantastically fresh Reform parties. Tonight's installment of 50s - 80s funk, townshipjive, soul, rocknroll, nigeria70s, pre&postpunk and obscuresapophits definitely won't disappoint.

If however you're gonna be in Pretoria instead of Joburg then you should definately come disco with me here: Tings is one of my all time favorite venues to play, so I'm super excited for this one. Not to mention I'll be sharing dancefloor powering duties with Moe Joe and The Tutus, so this is gonna be a crazy one.

Also, if you'd like to drink some wine, look at some amazing art and catch some live experimental folkcore, you should rock this as your pre-party to Tings: Whew! It's gonna be a pretty crazy night...

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