Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You are invited again! VHS!

Yes, I already invited you to this event, but I'm inviting you again to emphasise how stupidly awesome this night's gonna be.

Again my offer still stands to all Animal Callers that I'll put you on the guest list to get in for R20 instead of R40 if you leave your full name in a comment on this post!

P.S. RSVP the event!

Hooray for Humans! Tutus invade Japan like very small white godzillas! 2

While I'm struggling to get round to write new things about what's happening in Benville, let's see more of what went down in Tutuville. As before these photos are from We are Awesome's coverage of the band's Japanese tour. To be more exact they're from the band's time in Fukuoka.

Friday, November 26, 2010


P.S. Look out for a special appearnce by Mewzilla's sidekick, Microkitten!
Here's a new mix by Jozi's newest DJ, the oh-so-sweet Shady Lane! Don't forget, you can catch Shady Lane providing a rock and roll soundtrack to the after party of Tuesday's Scott Pilgrim launch. If you're planning to attend this super special evening be sure to book tickets via scottpilgrimvsjhb@gmail.com - there are less than 50 seats left!

Hello I Wrote A Song For You Called "Welcome To The Jungle"

This is the ad I put together for Jungle Juice, Us Kids Know's forthcoming zine/ EP/ whateveritsgonnabe.

P.S. Click here for an early Christmas present.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good weekend! Ultra-cat and the keytar killers.

This is one of those Good Weekends that probably won't be much fun to read about, but was pretty pleasant all in all. I spent the majority of it drawing, so besides one cataclysmic disaster, there's not much to say. On Friday night I just worked on my bear for Saturday's exhibition. Anja invited Chris and Derek over to keep her company while I worked. They were joined by our dear friend Anthea, who has just gotten home after being in the UK for far too long. Saturday was another day of drawing. I finally got onto inking Kittyzord or Ultracat or Mewzilla or whatever his name will be. On Sunday I went through to a photo shoot. i-D are doing a feature on emerging South African creatives and will be featuring the old Ben in it. The photo for the article was shot by the super talented Mr. Klaus Thyman (over from Denmark) and styled by Mr. Adam Howe (over from the UK). Klaus had the ingenious idea of mixing my keytar with a strangely green coloured pool. This resulted in (what I imagine will be) a bunch of great shots of me falling into the pool while my ketyar was safety "thrown" aside. Tragically the shoot ended with old Seafox falling into the pool as well. I've been too scared to try turn her on since she was half submerged in water- honestly I doubt I have an instrument to play visuals with any more. I went home and felt pretty miserable about having just lost my most prized possession in such a needless way. Played some New Vegas to try cheer myself up. Watched a Harry Potter movie with Anja and then got back onto Mewzilla. Anja switched over from working on an already awesome new canvas, to inking the poster Greg drew for our Scott Pilgrim launch. And from there the rest of the night was spent drawing...