Friday, November 12, 2010

You are invited! 99c Bioscope!

I'm quite looking forward to my planned activities for tonight and thought that if you're living in Jobrug you may wanna catch at lease one of these 2 awesome events! First up, from 4:30 - 7:30 a new exhibition will be opening up at Wolves. In truth, it's actually an old exhibition rising from the dead. Here's what Sloppy Seconds is all about: "The idea behind the 99c exhibition is to get people used to buying art. Artists from all over the place such as MJ Turpin, Louis Minnaar, Senyol, Jean de Wet, Nicolene Louw, Lorcan White (Bitterkomix) and Maaike Bakker (who also curates the exhibitions) have contributed work to be sold for as little as 99c a pop, and obviously there are some pricier ones too. Sloppy Seconds is the mini version of the orignal 99c exhibition (held at Platform on 18th in Pretoria) and will showcase all the lovely little leftover pieces." Then the second part of my evening is going to feature the exact same lineup I was super excited to see last Thursday. Tonight Righard Kapp, Givan Lotz and Ampersand are teaming for one last night of awesomeness. As if the prospect of just getting to see these three artists on one night weren't enough cause for excitement, the show is happening at The Bioscope! Sitting in the city's greatest independent cinema with 60 something people that really care about what's happening is honestly the most perfect way I can imagine seeing this fantastic lineup of solo experimentalists.

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