Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Days. And a pinch of halloween.

Some photos from last weekend. Thursday night saw Roxy's new
event at GIN unfold. Pleasantvillians aplenty, and trailing behind them,
as always - good times. Also marked my last night in my bed at 4 Linden Road.
I'll miss you beddy :/
I'll miss you Roxy:
I'll miss you Nathan Scott Phillips
I'll miss you kleintjies:
I'll miss you Tht Grl
I'll miss you Karienels:
I'll miss you Goosen ondiere: I'll miss you Cameron Lowry:
In absentia - I'll miss you Jared Spies (Another photo of Rox just cause she's hot when she's playing. 100% gratuitous)
And look at her changing outfits! Right before your eyes!
Saturday, Capitol Theatre, Time unknown:
Satan's teet for post party foodage: That's all from me, for now.

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