Monday, November 22, 2010

You are invited! VHS!

I really like visuals. Or maybe I should rather say, "I like the idea of visuals". Like video games and Chinese crispy chicken, all too often visuals are just done wrong. All heartless computer generated randomness or guys with sunglasses shooting "terrorists" or mystery meat covered in sauce with no veggies in sight.

Back in 2005 Matt Suttner and I started throwing a series of parties called "Television". Our agenda with these nights was to start a party where the visuals were the focus and where they were done right. No winamp visualizations or meaningless trancey swirls with 18 effects thrown over them. Instead visuals specifically animated for each party, and stuff people would actually want to watch, not just random backround light.

So Matt and I started up Television resulting in many many hours of animating The Carebears, Skeletor and Webster dancing around. This in turn resulted in Matt and I dragging ridiculously heavy tube TVs in and out of the smoking lounge of a seedy little hotel and enjoying some of the most fun parties we ever threw.

Eventually, growing tired of lugging around these really heavy TV sets, resulted in us splashing out and renting in a pair of plasmas for our next party "The Tony Danza Disco-punk Extravaganza". We also decided to rent one of these for the night: A DVJ, essential the same as the CDJs we were DJing on every week, was also able to playback DVDs. We also rented a vision mixer to fade between the output of the DVJ and a second source over every mix between songs.

Renting this whole setup resulted in Suttner and I throwing a party with the best visuals we'd ever hooked up. It also resulted in us loosing a ton of money. This resulted in us deciding we'd shelve the idea of visual parties until we had corporate sponsors throwing money at us to throw parties at them.

Of course this never happened, the parties Matt and I would throw over the next two years remained completely independent, barely noticed by the mainstream media, never mind any major companies. And while the Sovereign parties always had visuals we were never able to pull off the elaborate schemes we dreamt up for Television.

Since then, a visualy-oriented party has remained a dream I've never been able to realise. Until now. Or more to be more precise, 2 months ago when Levis approached me wanting to know what I'd wanna do if they gave me a budget to throw a party. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, so just look a the damn poster! Watch the damn trailer! RSVP to the damn event!

Comment on this damn blog post! Leave your damn name and I'll put you on the damn guestlist to get in for R20 instead of R40!


sadponygirl said...

Angela Hancock and Mr. von Berg would very much like to be on a damn cheap list please.

ADK said...

With the R20 I save, I can buy you a much nice Birthday Present!

Anonymous said...

Kathy and Olivia!
I work at a video store. I can't party without this discount. Please.


Sylvia said...


Sylvia Mck thank you Ben :)

Patrick said...

I would like to be on this guestlist too, if only so that I can say I'm on the list when he gets to the door.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be so rad!
Awesome video man!
The BA student needs his R20 for a drink!

Chad said...

Hi Ben.

b4model said...

the price is WHAT???

Colin Sackett said...

hello ben
hello guestlist

Olivia said...

Olivia Mortimer and Scott van Niekerk!
Kathy already put my name on the list, but I gotta do my girlfriend duty and put my boyfriend's name on it too.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Sabine and Flo ...coming after Bridge

Anonymous said...

oh and I forgot, Roger too.