Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Weekend: Tabitha and the cinematic surprises.

This whole weekend it felt like the Universe was giving me a one gigantic hug after another!

On Thursday:

I got to see The Easy Star All Stars live!
Yup, the reggae band that specialise in covering some the best rock records flew a small army of 9 over to South Africa. How or why this happened, I have no idea, but I'm happy it did.

I bumped into friends I wasn't expecting to see!

Alice was one of those friends!

As if seeing her weren't enough of a hug from the universe I discovered she's looking at buying a house in Linden and will be looking for a housemate right when I need to leave my current, lovely home.
Midi dork!

I found out some very nerdy, but very exciting news about the equipment we'll be using on my (currently top secret) next party.
On Friday:

Matt Suttner bought Fallout New Vegas!
I really have to try really hard not to geek out to much here... Let me just say that on the 18th of December 1998, it was my 15th birthday. I used the money I got from various relatives to buy a PC game called Fallout 2 and it was a life changing experience. Fallout 2 is still my favourite game ever. The main reason I got back into games a few years back was because I heard there was going to be a Fallout 3. Now, Fallout 4 is out and even better it's been made by a bunch of the brilliant dudes that worked on Fallout 2. So yeah, needless to say, the fact that Suttner hooked up New Vegas pretty much made my month.
I got home to discover 2 packages from Cape Town friends had arrived!

1 was a CD from The Plastics. Jason ELM and I are doing a remix of Jukebox, the prettiest song, on the bands debut album "Shark". On Friday our disc with all the separates arrived.
My 2nd delivery was a T-Shirt from my dear friend Jaco. A few months back I yelled "Hooray for Humans" when it was announced he was having another of his designs printed by Threadless. Now that the shirt's done Jaco was awesome enough to send me one!
Anja and I hit the 99c Sloppy Seconds exhibition!
Saw awesome illustration. Saw Maaike and Werner.
I got another present!
A few months back I yelled "Hooray for Humans" because there were a bunch of local recordings been made that I was crazy excited about. One of those recordings was the debut album by A Skyline on Fire. Now that the albums' done, Werner was awesome enough to bring me one! Expect more handwords about this business soon!
In the evening Patrick and I went to The Bioscope to watch Ampersand, Givan Lotz and Righard Kapp!
Other than placing me in the middle of a totally silent, completely attentive crowd and serving up 3 sets of fantastic music, the universe hooked me up with bonus hugs in the form of a few surprises.
Givan had animated visuals for everyone's sets!
This was totally unexpected and the different stuff he put together for each artist was too perfect.
Ampersand was joined on a few songs by Us Kids Know!
Again, a huge surprise and a total treat.

On Saturday:

I got to draw on my bears a bunch! I played some Fallout as well! We celebrated Reform's birthday!

And it was awesome!

On Sunday:

(Other than not being able to go out and dance to awesome music) I did the same things I did on Saturday which was pretty damn sweet!

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