Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hooray for Humans! So many good recordings on the way!

For me, 2010 has been rather slow so far as good new recordings by local artists go. But it's looking like that's just gonna be the case for the first half of the year. Or considering it is already into August, maybe I should say the first 7 twelfths. From projects that have just been unveiled, to full albums just waiting to break out into the real world, here's my shortlist of reasons to be excited about South African music for the rest of 2010
Us Kids Know:
I've written a bunch about UKK's ambitious and unique 2nd release "Problems". While the important part (the music) has been finished for months, Problems still isn't available because of delays in getting the t-shirts made. But the tapes are all recorded and ready to ship out, it's just a matter of time till you have problems and solutions in your ears. And knowing The Kids' high-energy, DIY work ethic I wouldn't be surprised if they release even more new music before the year's over.

The Plastics:
Maybe this is no longer an upcoming release by this point - it may already be out there, but either way I'm damn excited because I know there's a shark that's gonna get me. "Shark" is the first full length release by Cape Town rock upstarts The Plastics, and judging by the first single Caves, it's gonna be a good one.

Sticky Antlers:
Of everything on this little list, this could be the record I'm most excited to get my hands on. "Tupperware Tombstone" (the band's 4th album in under 3 years!) drops next Friday. While it'll be a happy day for fans of the Pretoria noise terrorist, it'll also be a sad one. The album launch on the 26th will also mark the bands 2nd last live performance. The PTA launch the next night will mark the final show. But while The Antlers will sadly be bringing the project to a close, don't despair because just around the corner there's...

From "If you are what you eat I could be you by tomorrow" to "Poodle Piss" to "Sticky Antlers", since 2004, Andreas and Martinique have created 3 fully fledged bands. That's excluding numerous side ventures and solo projects. Now before the Antlers have even played their last show, the dynamic duo are already hard at work cultivating their next band, the aptly titled "Make-Overs". I'm not sure if they'll have an album out so soon after Tupperware Tombstone. But, with a 16 track reel to reel tape machine, their own record label and mountains of enthusiasm I'd be surprised if we don't at least get a 4 track EP out of Make-Overs before the year is up.

The Lottery Tickets:
I raved about The Lottery Tickets after I first saw them this February. A couple weeks back I heard the good news that their debut album is in the bag - it's just a matter of time till it's out there and making all of our lives better.

Joburg's wildest acoustic anarchist Ampersand has been working all year on the follow up to his debut album, "This is not a Drill". Initially recording and producing the album himself, Warren's since started over from scratch, now collaborating with former Shadow Club bassist, lof-fi enthusiast and general nice guy Alex. Hopefully this album will be out there by the end of the year - it's gonna be pretty damn cool.

Isochronous recently headed down to Cape Town to record their second electric album. Based on the new songs the band have been performing since their self titled debut came out two years back, I think it's safe to say this sophomore effort is gonna be fantastic.

Vampire 9000:
Of our whole extended family of bands and musicians, if only one person could have been born to create rock and roll it's Chrisitan Henn. How come the 26 year old multi-instrumentalist hasn't officially released anything yet? Because he's been working his fingers to the bone, honing his formidable arsenal of skills. Over the past few months he's been recording demos for the debut album of his math-pop-danceant-garde, Vampire 9000. Now he's headed into the studio with the esteemed Jacob Israel to begin recording the album proper. Expect to be wonderfully horrified.

At the very least we're sure to see at least another single and a remix or two, but personally I'm holding thumbs that these kids are gonna pull an album out the hat before the year's up.

A Skyline on Fire:
The album is recorded, mixed and mastered. It's a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode out into the world.

Yo! Grapes:
Desmond and The Tutus drummer Craig has recently unveiled a totally dreamy new project called "Yo! Grapes". He's already released this must-download track and word on the street is more awesomeness is on the way! Yay!

Green Is For Turbo:
Hey, a dude's gotta dream right?

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