Friday, August 6, 2010

We do this all the time: Oppikoppi 2009!

In a few hours Anja and I will be hitting the road to drive through to South Africa's biggest rock music festival.

Last year Oppikoopi was amazing. I fully intended to right all about it, once I'd finished writing about our time at Scotland's T in the Park a few weeks earlier.

I was going to write about how, although T had Mogwai and Friendly Fires and Passion Pit, Koppi was a just as fun experience. I was going to write about how, while they didn't have 200 international acts on the bill, the atmosphere at Koppi would beat T's any day. How Koppi trusts people enough to let them park their cars next to their tents and lets them build fires in their campsites. How at Koppi you don't get hearded like cattle in and out of the arena at set times. How this personal freedom is rock and roll best friend and creates a way better environment to experience a few days of live music in.

I was also going to write about playing some of that live music, or in my case, visuals, with Kidofdoom. How, for the first time in 5 years of being together we did a song with vocals. Bertus from Havoc Vultures joined us on stage and we did cover of "The Power of Love". People's response was fantastic.

But i didn't write about all that, because i never even got round to writing about everything that happened in Scotland.


Anyway, considering it's almost time for Koppi 2010, I might as well at least post these photos from Koppi 09. Lovingly shot by Col, there's tapes in trees, Dinosaur heads and just a touch of doom.

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