Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You are invited! KRNGY Slumber Party no.1!

For more than a year (KRNGY first lady and Sticky Antler) Martinique and I have bee talking about throwing a party together. She came up with the name "The KRNGY Slumber Party". We both loved it and proceeded to get totally carried away with ideas of an all-night noise-rock mini-festival, freak art exhibition and sleep-over acoustic extravaganza.

After a few months of putting off making this epic concept a reality we've now decided to start doing the slumber party as a far smaller, but more regular series of nights.

Fast forward to now, and it's my pleasure to invite you to the first of these nights. It's going down next Saturday in Pretoria's "Shiva's Rock". So far, beyond making you show up in your PJs, we aren't planning anything to elaborate, with the emphasis of the night centered around it's solid line up.

Personally I've never heard Atom Band, but the night will feature Animal Call favourites Us Kids Know. The Mirrors and I will also be playing, marking our second PTA gig ever. But most importantly the night will be the Pretoria debut of Make-Overs, Andreas and Martinique's follow up project to the awesome Sticky Antlers. Needless to say this is gonna be a good night.


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