Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Weekend. Kontrol and the Flying Aces

On Thursday Anja, Patrick, Annette and I rocked Swallows Inn. Then we cruised through to The Woods. There was a free show (!) and it just happened to be featuring everyone's favourite former twee-piece, Us Kids Know. Who are obviously awesome. But it was over all to soon. We hung at The Woods for a bit, then headed up to Kitchener's to catch Ampersand doing a DJ set. Which was pretty damn pleasant.

I spent Friday night working mostly. Animating stuff for Saturday's Le Castle Vania gig. I also tried to draw a smug looking William Shatner but he just came out looking retarded. I woke up way earlier than I should have on Saturday, but I felt like a kid at Christmas. Drove through to Randburg and bought this: Yes, it's a midi guitar pedal. Yes, I'll be running my kaytar into it. Yes, this means I can trigger and control video effects with my feet while my hands play animations. Yes, I am crazy excited about this.

I raced home, unpacked and plugged in the controller when I realized I basically needed to leave for a pressing engagement at Cam's house. So I packed everything up, drove through to Cam's. Hung out. Drove through to Franci's. Hung out. Celebrated Franci's new home. Ate awesome pasta. Sang Happy Birthday. Ate awesome cake. Caught up with the Mirrors. Drooled over Shannon's CD collection (Cats and Cats and Cats!). Hung out with real cats and cat and cats!!!

Started feeling really sleepy, so thought it best to head home. Went to pick up Anja on the way. She was at a gig at Cool Runnings Victory Park. Turned out Swart and Planet Joy, 2 bands I've been meaning to see for ages, were playing. Overcame my sleepyness and headed into the show.

Watched bands. Drank beer. Laughed a lot. Got sleepy again. Went home.

Sunday = animating visuals + finally playing with pedal + working on a top secret project + comics + games.

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