Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hooray for Humans! New Haasbroek shirt and look who's wearing it!

Much much loved super creative Haasbroek has a brand new shirt printed by Threadless. Wanna know something even more exciting than the news that Jaco has once again melted the frozen hearts of the Threadless community? Just look at this: Some observant readers might recognize this Haasbroek fan as none other than JD FREAKIN' SAMSON!!! That's right, JD Samson, as in member of legendary post-riot-girl electro-punk pioneers Le Tigre, one of the bands most influential in the creation of The Sassquatch! JD's current band, "Men", also happen to be pretty awesome and one of the only bands keeping dancing punk alive in 2010! If you missed it click here to download "The Light at the End of The Tunnel was a Soul Train" - a DJ mix I did last year featuring Men!

Buy "So Fresh" here!


Anja said...

dear Jaki. you are too cool for school.first lecrush 100, now this, properly internet famous you are *yoda voice*

Cameron said...

dear tshirt, be proud to soak up that MENs sweat.