Friday, June 18, 2010

Hooray for Humans! Tutus make noise and make people dance in Europe!

They haven't been blowing their own vuvuzelas about it much but those following Desmond and the Tutus on Twitter might have noticed some very exciting tweets. Talk of gigging, recording and watching "We Have Band" in Europe.

Curious as to what all this was about I dropped Shane Tutu a mail to find out what the deal was:

"Hey hey dude! First up, so sorry to be wasting precious overseas time!

Just quick though, could you fill me in on what you're up to in Europe? I've gathered from Twitter it's gigs and recording but who with? Tell me Joakim's involved in the recording side!"

And here's the awesome news he replied with on Wednesday night:

"haha hey bru no worries,

here's what's up
we got invited to do this african music festival in toulouse france, they paid our tickets so we made a little holiday out of it we have cool contacts in paris (tigersushi) and stockholm (v&B) so we stayed a few extra days so that we could do some gigs stockholm is out favourite city in the world and our buddy there was involved in the 2010love festival - a festival celebrating the marriage of the country's crown princess to some yokel, so that was nice to be involved in... then back to paris--- we recorded a song with joakim at the brand new tigersushi studio - he even played the synth for us! and then that evening (last night) we did a crazy little tigersushi party in paris with joakim, maestro (new tigersushi band) and logo (new kitsune disco band)

tomorrow night we're playing that festival in toulouse, it's called rio loco - with johnny clegg and mahotella queens! then friday we're home!"

How freaking cool!?!


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