Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hooray for Humans! Johnny Foreigner and Yesterday's Pupil collaboration unveiled!

It's hard to believe it's been three months since Johnny Foreigner left South Africa. A quarter of a year down the line and I'm still slowly posting words and pictures of the tour in the now pretty epic "We Pray for Moments Like This" series. We haven't even started editing the 7 hours of footage we shot while they were here and I still have a copy of "Grace and the Bigger Picture" that I owe Cam.

But while So Many Animal Calls is still kinda spinning after having the noise pop trio in our country, there is something really special from their SA tour that I can share with you right now.

Right at the start of the "We Pray..." series I mentioned how the band spent a few days collaborating on a recording with our own Yesterday's Pupil. Well three months down the line you can now:
Personally I think the experiment worked out beautifully. It came out REALLY different to how it was sounding down in Cape town right after they'd laid it down and the dense, synthy sound has it really feeling like a collaboration between the two entities and not just a Jo Fo song produced by Peach.

As if the unveiling of this beautiful South African produce weren't enough to get you shouting hooray;

In a recent blog post the band said they'd like to come record their next album here! How freaking awesome?