Monday, June 7, 2010

Good weekend: UFO and The Sleestaks

If you're only here to read about South Africa's exciting little rock and roll party scene then skip this post.

This weekend there weren't any rocking DJ gigs or crazy sets by fantastic bands. Save for a pretty lovely soundtrack at a house party and a new album by an old favourite on Saturday afternoon, this was a pretty rock and roll free weekend.

Said house party went down on Friday night, and it was in celebration of a pretty special occasion. Phil Davies was celebrating his birthday. I became friends with Phil when he was 6 years old - he's my oldest friend and on Friday night we celebrated him turning 25. It was an awesome night, listened to great music, saw many awesome friends, ate green curry and pudding out of ice cream cones. Too cool.

On Saturday we slept super late. Woke up, bought groceries to make delicious brunch, ate, watched Surface and then went to hang out with our kitten friends at Bounty Hunters. I took Anja home to her place. Landed up hanging out with her and Cam, Jar and Chris for hours, listening to the new Japandroids "album" and watching this guy: ...and the recent remake of Land of The Lost. I thought it was pretty damn cool. I really loved the intentionally horrible rubber aliens. Later in the night I headed home and met up with Matt McFarlane, my dear friend that now lives in London. Through the beauty of modern technology and X-Box Live we were able to hang out till ealry on Sunday morning, killing thousands of zombies together. I got up pretty early on Sunday morning. Anja and gang came to fetch me and we drove through to the international capital of bad fiberglass rocks and disturbing miners, Gold Reef City. This isn't how we usually enjoy our Sundays, but yesterday was special; we were having ourselves wildly flung around in the air to say bye to our friend Duncan. Pretty soon he'll be leaving us to move to the UK. I can't think of a more fun way to have seen him off. Plus we got to play with a baby cow!

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