Friday, May 21, 2010

Link Highlight: Haasbroek pt. 2

In this unprecedented 2 part installment of Link Highlight I'm fanning out over toy designer, DJ, illustrator and all around awesome guy, Jaco Haasbroek. If you missed part 1 - check it out here!

While part one focused on Jaco's signature Haasbroek toys he's also made a bunch of other friends that aren't from the rabbit-suit-wearing, band-member-name-stealing, coco-pops-eating Planet Haasbroek.
From the only slightly distant relatives like the leafy collection:
... or the wooden Haasbroek-a-likes:
... to radically different aliens from distant galaxies:
And then there are Jaco's creations that appear to come from a whole other dimension entirely. Thing's that aren't toys in any way;

Random Drawings:
Gig posters:
The whole alphabet in movie charachters:
Paper Bag Writers:
And even a Sassquatch:
Oh, and did I mention he's one of the finest DJs in Cape Town?

Or that a whole bunch of my favourite music of the past few years has been recommended by Haasbroek?

Or that every time I was down in the Cape on tour Jaco would give me a place to sleep? A place to sleep with a vintage Knight Rider bed set? With David Hasselhoff lovingly staring at me every night? And Kit racing through a desert under my sleeping head?

Yeah, Haasbroek is one awesome dude.

Thanks Jaco.


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Haasbroek said...

Wow Ben,

Thank you so much for this amazing post!