Friday, May 14, 2010

We're getting uncapped internet!

Marc Morris (the miracle man that manages the internet at our house, The Sly Villa) forwarded me this message he just sent to our internet service provider, South Africa Online.


I wish to inform you that Slymedia cc will be cancelling their account with SAOL.COM. I have attached the relevant letter of cancellation.

Our relationship has had it's ups and downs, but let us remember the good times and avoid any awkwardness should we bump into each other in cyberspace or at a trendy downtown bar. SAOL.COM will always have a special place in my heart and you will be missed everytime I download a youtube clip or mp3. You guys were there for us from the start, but unfortunately we must move onto uncapped now. I have attached a farewell photo of myself. You may stick this up on the office wall as a momento of times gone by.

Love always

Marc" It's the dawning of a new age of unlimited downloads...

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