Monday, May 10, 2010

(Mostly) Good weekend. Powerout and the Lizard People.

I can't say this was a bad weekend. I can't say that at all. I guess it was only one mishap that made it a slightly less than good weekend.

It kicked off pretty fantastically, with me sitting in the candle light of a power out, eating red velvet cake and listening to the sound of My Skiprope Team singing and playing guitar. Howl was pretty damn awesome.

Afterwards Anja and i went through to Closer. Our friends ELM and Chad also pulled through. Plus there were some old friends from The Secret Days that made it through. Otherwise the party was pretty sparsely populated. Surprisingly this turned out to be a scene where I got to play one of the most fun DJ sets I've played in ages. Given the fact that I was playing to an empty dancefloor I got away with playing stuff like Blood Brothers, Chinese Stars and Thunderbirds are Now! Awesome noisey, dancey, shouty stuff that I've loved since before I started DJing, but have always been to afraid to play to a dancefloorful of people.

Anja and I spent Friday moleing. Mostly hanging out with our dear friends the lizard people, but also made some new friends, the sea monsters: Saturday started off kinda frantic with us rushing to make some breakfast and then dashing to Outer Limits. As previously mentioned, some European volcano prevented Free Comic Book Day from reaching South Africa last Saturday. Luckily it was only delayed, and this Saturday Anja and I were able to hook up our belated free comics. I got something with mice fighting a giant turtle and Anja got an Oni press sampler amoungst other freebies. I also managed to but the second issue of the Guild: And the last 4 comics I needed to complete my "Prelude to Deadpool Corps" collection. From Outer Limits Anja and I parted ways. I raced through to a newly discovered practice pad, "Jukebox Jungle". There The Mirrors and I would spend an awesome 3 hours rocking out. This coming Saturday we'll be playing our first show together and after Saturday's jam I'm feeling like it's gonna be great.

After practice I went home, buzzing from the rock and roll radness that had just gone down. I read some of my new comics; didn't get round to The Guild, but Deadpool no.2 and 3 were great. Totally insane, cross dimensional hilarity.

We had a braai at Cam's place, where, at 6ish, I was told I'd need to be in Pretoria to DJ at 8:15 - there were problems on the rooftop. While we couldn't get through to Pretoria that early, by the time we got there it was pretty clear all was not well. The rooftop was full of people, but no-one was Djing. The other supporting DJs (Moe Joe and Dr Khumalo) were unfortunately also the event organisers and were both too busy running around to DJ.

I was filled in that, during soundcheck, the sound system had tripped the building's power. Two generators had been brought up onto the roof to power the party. I was also told I needed to start DJing immediately as it was unclear how long we'd be able to keep blasting loud music off the rooftop.

I started playing, in total darkness. After 2 or 3 songs some lights came on. I saw people having fun. I was having fun. I played another 2 or 3 songs. Then the lights, sound and DJ gear all died. I stood around awkwardly for a few minutes. Got harassed by some douche bags that obviously thought I was Thor or Storm and could somehow magically provide electricity to power the rig.

The lights and CDJs came back online, but the soundsystem, was still dead. I left the stage, waiting for it to get sorted out. By the time the problem was solved Hazer started playing. I'd played a 20 minute set, a personal low rivaled only by the infamous "Party in my pants" fuck-up and the time Data Takashi and I were thrown out of Groove Bar when the owner discovered we weren't house DJs.

The power continued giving problems through Haezer's set, but was luckily sorted out by the time the Italian Cyber Punkers took over. While there's music out there I like less, I'm really not a fan of banging electro so I can't say I was really feeling it. Still I had some awesome conversations catching up with old friends and left the party not feeling too down about the fact that my set was such a disaster and I'd been subject to non stop bangers all night.

Yesterday, as Mother's Day, was predictably un-rock and roll. The day consisted of hanging out with my mom and family. The night involved driving back to Jozi and then slaving away on some illustrations till 2 in the morning. The result was a Skullmonkey and Spookaapies - I'll post them up here soon!

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