Thursday, January 21, 2010

Link Highlight: Doktrine!

Meet M.J. Like most of the awesomest kids I know, M.J. is from Pretoria. Not to say I haven't come across my fair share of fantastically cool,creative kids from around the country. It's just that for every one of them i know of two from Pretoria.

Maybe it has something to do with growing up in the shadow of the shitty, ultra-conservative, genrally crap mentality that Pretoria was built on. Maybe it's the aftermath of Seedys, Nile Crocodile and the once complete anarchy that was TUKS FM. Maybe it's kids devolving super powers to resist evil radiation emanating from the voortrekker monument. Whatever the reason, Pretoria has over the past few years been birthing and (as in the case of M.J.) attracting some of the most creative, fun, rockandrollasfuck individuals I've ever had the pleasure of sharing dancefloors, stages and all around awesome times with.

But yeah, this post isn't supposed to be a chance for me to fan out over Pretoria, it's supposed to be a chance for me to fan out over Doktrine.

Doktrine are masters of making awesome stuff for your eyes. Major fixations with bad-ass wildlife, retro porn, cosmic psychedelia and wolves help them churn out some of the coolest illustration, graphic design, motion graphics and photography in town.

I really won't start fanning out about this stuff too much because honestly, nothing I can say can really do justice to the insane radness that shoots out of the big wolfs mouth like so much godzilla fire. So instead I offer you a few pictures and a video, a tiny fraction of the awesomeness Doktrine have been bringing into the world over the past few years.

OUT OF THE LAW - HAVOC VULTURES from Doktrine Beeldradio on Vimeo.

Head here and here for previously Animal called about Doktrine photography, check out M.J's hard-art-concept-core-rock-band Havoc Vultures and obviously pay a visit to Doktrine HQ!

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