Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ben's non-SA acts of the decade 2000 - 2009

Since last year I've been working on a list of my favorite albums from this past decade. Trying to decide which TV on the Radio album is better than the next was just becoming a headache, so instead I've decided to just make a list of my top acts of the decade.

Even arranging this list was kinda silly. Can I really say I loved Beulah more than Belle and Sebastian? Not really but i did anyway.

The positioning of the acts is pretty much based around quantity x quality. Life Without Buildings beat the crap out of everything because although they only had a quantity of 1 album, the quality is so absurdly awesome it beats even the massive quantity of high quality that Liars churned out over the course of the decade.

50. Islands
49. Cut Copy
48. Explosions in the Sky
47. Modest Mouse
46. Do Make Say Think
45. Super Furry Animals
44. Moving Units
43. Broadcast
42. Yo La Tengo
41. The Evens
40. Pinback
39. Camera Obscura
38. Grandaddy
37. Black Eyes
36. Mae Shi
35. El Guapo/ Supersystem
34. Broken Social Scene
33. !!!
32. The Shins
31. Caribou/ Manitoba
30. M83
29. LCD Soundsystem
28. Toe
27. Le Tigre
26. The Raveonettes
25. Belle and Sebastian
24. So Many Dynamos
23. Enon
22. Beulah
21. The Rapture
20. The Sea and Cake
19. The Go! Team
18. TV on the Radio
17. Why?
16. I Heart Hiroshima
15. Phoenix
14. Blood Brothers
13. Liars
12. The Unicorns
11. Saturday looks Good to Me
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9. Les Savy Fav
8. Sleater Kinney
7. Thunderbirds are Now!
6. Ratatat
5. Johnny Foreigner
4. Q and not U
3. The Dismemberment Plan
2. Life Without Buildings
1. And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead


maaike00 said...

Waldi!I agree with sooo many of them!Trail of dead at number 1!hi-5!

Jonathan Sudarkasa said...

Well said. I will now go listen to the bands I don't know on this list. But otherwise... HELLZ YEAH!

Kyle said...

No Battles??