Friday, January 8, 2010

Animal calling again in 2010!

So, as with most of the blogosphere, So Many Animal Calls fell silent over the last part of 2K9.

While this blog is here to document goings on in the local music scene, there really hasn't been anything going on since the launch of Us Kids Know's "Friendship Test". So instead of posting about awesome live shows or dancefloor freakouts, here are some photos and words relating to my ultra awesome 26th birthday!

Anja made us eggs on toast for breakfast. I fashioned my eggshell into a kind of small birthday hat. We drove the to the lion park and listened to Japandroids. Then we played with lion cubs. We saw a mongoose. He played dead. We saw big lions too. Then we went home and a bunch of our homeboys and homegirls came to hang out. At some kids fell in the pool. This seemed to freak Cam out. Luckily Anja made everything okay with cake: And then everyone threw awesome presents at me! Nazi occult adventures! Monster pirate bedtime friends! Sea Cat! The sweet taste of Pez from the Darkside! One of modern man's greatest achievements! Bizzare robotic panda of doom! Post apocalyptic joy! Sexy nazi adventures! Geriatric conversion kit! Thanks so much for the best birthday ever gang. Love you kids.

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