Friday, January 8, 2010

Yo! We have a present for you!

This is a message I sent out to the facebook group for Johnny Foreigner's much animal called about forthcoming tour of South Arica:


Yo yo yo Jo Fo fans!

First up, thanks so much to all of you that have joined this group – we've been very pleasantly surprised by how many of you are looking forward to Johnny Foreigner rocking out in our country!

To say thanks, we've put together a little present for you guys. A 5 song sampler of Johnny Foreigner's songs to get you warmed up for the shows in February. !!DOWNLOAD IT HERE!! Along with the 5 slices of audio-awesomeness, you'll notice we've even included artwork for you too print, cutout and assemble your very own “This Summer!” CD. Be sure to make some copies for your friends too! Johnny Foreigner aren't being bought here by an old man in a suit. These shows haven't been organised by some massive corporation to try sell more cans of fizzy black liquid. This tour won't be happening because the band sold crap loads of albums back in the 90ies and after 15 years of radio-play on Jacaranda and Highveld some company has decided that bringing them over will be profitable.

Jo Fo are coming here because:
1) They're dying to visit our exciting little country.
2) Griet are so amped about having them here that they're making this tour happen.

Johnny Foreigner aren't been flown here because it's a commercially safe move, but because we feel they're one of the most awesome new bands in the world today; 3 people that are on the absolute forefront of rock and roll going into this new decade.

We wanna prove it CAN be viable for cutting-edge international acts to visit South Africa (not just VH1 friendly arena rockers). If this tour is a success it can open doors all over the show, and hopefully it won't be such a strange thing to have new exciting bands visiting South Africa all the time. But if we're gonna gonna stick it to the man like this, we need your help. Burn copies of this sampler for everyone you know, stick paper ghosts up everywhere, bomb your friends with Twitter tweets and Facebook updates, do everything you possibly can to spread the ghostly gospel.

To help you out in this pilgrimage of future awesomeness we've also put together a little promo video: (see top of post) know what to do...


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