Sunday, January 24, 2010

Next Dynamo announced! Dynamo Jo Fo: Attack of the Electric Ghosts

Yo yo robots!

The next episode of our technologically superior robocore parties is less than a month away!

After the madness of "The Humans are Dead" we're working pretty hard to bring you something even awesomer, and it comes in the form of the night's healing act. Flying in all the way from Birmingham in the UK, we're every excited to be presenting your eyes and ears with the fight pop carnage of Johnny Foreigner.

If you're not sure who Johnny Foreigner are, a good place to get acquainted with them would be here where you can download a free 5 track sampler, especially complied to introduce the band to the awesome people of South Africa.

Alongside our international healiners, we're also pretty damn ecstatic to be able to host an absurd line-up of supporting acts. From our favourite post-apartheid noise machines, to the finest audio selection droids in town, there are too many to mention now, so just check out the event here.

Alongside this super team of bands and DJs, you can also expect the usual overload of d├ęcor, visuals and lights. And on top of all this, the best dressed robotos of the night will be winning give-aways from 5 of Gauteng's most excellent fashion and art punk DIY brands; Hello Fox, Delight, Mikado, KRNGY and Ke Ai.

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