Monday, November 30, 2009

Link Highlight: Delight!

I've mentioned my friend Christian's loop-core band “Vampire 9000”. What I haven't written about yet is one of his other artistic endeavors; Delight. Delight is the brainchild of Christian and his girlfriend Lizelle. Here's how they describe what they're about:

"We are delighted by: Dear Friends, Giant Trees under Open Skies, Handmade T-Shirts made with lots of Love and Care, Love Stories and Love Songs, David Bowie, Dancing in Video Stores, Fortune Cookies after every meal, 8 Bit Video Games and Old Movies. Thank You!"

While it's all very true, the part you should pay most attention to is the "Handmade T-Shirts made with lots of Love and Care" bit. This is what delight is really all about, but what they've neglected to brag about is how the Love and Care they put into their shirts make them turn out. The passion that goes into crafting these pieces translates into some of the most awesome rock and roll attire to have been thrown over torsos this side of the equator. Just check out these examples of their latest creation, The Frankenstein: I was lucky enough to have been included in the label's first collaborative effort a few months back. To commemorate the first ever Vampire 9000 show (at the ultra cool City Slickers illustration exhibition) delight did a limited run of Vampire 9000 shirts. I was asked to create the artwork for the shirts as part of what will hopefully be an ongoing project – "".

The idea behind "" is to create a series of collaborations between Delight, illustrators and bands. Every entry will be "Delight by some artists for some band". So in the case of my one it was "Delight by Ben Rausch for Vampire 9000" - here's what I drew for them: And here's how it turned out: They packaged the shirts in awesome, purple boxes. I drew them this little coffin, which was printed onto cards and inserted into the package:

For their next collaboration Delight will be working with awesomeness-making superkids Doktrine, a combination of talents that's sure to result in something really special. Now go forth, check out what delight have been making, drool and then make a plan to own a little piece of their love.

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