Monday, November 16, 2009

Das ist Vampire 9000. Das ist zo rad!

I'd like to write a little post about a band. This band is, in my opinion, the most exciting musical project to come out of South Africa this year. This band is Vampire 9000.

By way of introduction, let me copy and paste what my friend Maaike had to say about V9K on her blog:

"Vampire 9000 is definitely clever people music. If you don't have the endurance to sit through a Battles song, then you can forget it...Vampire embodies the sound of dysfunctional machines mixed with subdues glimpses of emotion...does that make sense?Maybe not, but neither does trying to sum up the force of the Vampire 9000!"

So much against Maaike's sage advice, I'll expand a little on what V9K are about.

As you can probably guess from this awesome photo by We Love Pictures, Vampire 9000 are a 2 piece that sound like a 37 piece band. This effect is created by Hanre Malherbe's frantic drum experiments and Christian Henn's constant looping of pristeen math-guitar sounds and synth/ drum machine glitches.

With only 2 shows under their belt, the Vampire 9000 project is in it's infancy, but definitely the most promising, unique, joyful explosion of sound to erupt out of South Africa this year.

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