Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Awesome kill.

We-are-awesome have been taking cool photos of Cape Town kids having fun for quite some time. It's only very recently that they've started shedding some light on what's been going down up here. This is mostly thanks to this girl... ... Alice Walsh. She was one of the very first friends I made in Joburg and a very awesome one indeed. She very hastily uploaded her photos from Saturday night, here are some highlights: This is Phil and Kelda. They were pretty much the most badass robotics engineers at the party. They constructed Jasper, our 8 foot tall, candy dispensing doorman for the night. They were also involved in the creation of the terror tunnel we had leading into the show. Here are some photos of the fun that went down on the other side... It was a super fun night. Check out we-are-awesome's full gallery for the event right here!

Or if you have some time to kill, check out the awesome photos the took at the last Sovereign we ever threw in Cape Town.

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