Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Humans are dead" re-post 2

This is a re-post. A message originally sent to the confirmed guests for our 2009 Halloween party, giving people a little taste of the awesome stuff that would be on sale at the party...



Thanks to everyone who's entered The Humans Are Dead binary competition – we've received some great entries so far! Remember, if you wanna win an awesome hamper full of stuff from all our sponsors & free entry to the party, visit and leave us a cool robot message on the event. The winner will be announced on Friday.

On the subject of our sponsors Mikado, Delight and KRNGY have uploaded photos of the incredible merch they'll have on sale at the parties:

Delight have hand crafted a ridiculously rad range of shirts for the event. Available on the night for R200 each, these shirts (as photographed here by Pretoria's own We Love Pictures) are really a landmark for PTA DIY fashion awesomeness...
Check Delight out right here!

Then Mikado have unveiled some of their perspex accessories that will be on sale this Saturday. You will want to own these:
Finally here's some of the kind of stuff you can expect from Pretoria's home for mutant-rockandroll-terror, THE KRNGY LOGO:
So with these 3 great retailers setting up at the party, plus the Hotbox's own "Steam Room" open, be sure to BRING SOME EXTRA CASH ALONG TO THE PARTY and take something awesome home with you!!!



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