Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Skippy No School debut - Pixel Pop

Matt Suttner is one of my oldest friends. When we were 13 a mutual love for Monty Python, Terminator 2 and Cream Soda brought us together in the kind of special way that only surreal comedy, cyborgs and carbonated beverages can. But for everything Matt and I had, there was one thing we argued over constantly. Our entire high school career was dominated by:

A) Matt ripping Ben off for listening to rock and roll.
B) Ben ripping Matt of for being an aspiring house DJ.
C) All of the above.

This mutual distaste for one another's musical tastes carried on well after we finished school, and even by 2006 (once Matt and I were throwing parties together on a monthly basis) there was only a small range of songs who's awesomeness we could mutually agree on.

So it's quite crazy that now "No Skippy No School" exists.

The idea behind the project is pretty straight forward:

1) Matt will mix a song into whatever's playing while Ben VJs.
2) Once Matt's song kicks in Ben starts mixing sounds while Matt mixes visuals.
3) Repeat.

So far we've played 4 times as No Skippy No School - here are some picks from the first time we did it, at a Pixel Pop party at The Woods in April. We were joined on the night by one of my favourite local DJs, Baggy Dogg who provided a soundtrack to the visual awesomeness of one of my favourite VJs, Chinxx...

All photos by Marc Morris.

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