Monday, November 2, 2009

The Humans are now dead. The Dynamo is now running.

So, as previously yelled, our Halloween party was a massive success. Of all the things I've been involved in creating over the past 5 years, "The Humans are Dead" will go down as one of the things I'm most proud to have been a part of.
The decor looked incredible. From Jasper (our monstrous robotic doorman) to the 15 meter long terror tunnel to the robot city of murder that was the stage to the DJ box of alien awesomeness to the coolest looking merch area in party history to the garden full of surprises, I've never seen a party where so many cool creations have formed an entirely new world to rock it in.
Personally I was really happy with the visuals too and I'll post those up soon.

The lighting was Peter and Peter is awesome. The end.

The soundtrack for the night was pretty swell too. Well obviously I'd say that, but from the way the crowd responded (right from when Colin and Cameron started at 6PMish) I think it's safe to say they also appreciated the little selection of some of my favourite bands and DJs.
That Girl ecstatically introduced herself to the dancefloor. Col and Cam played Dananananaykroyd. Vampire 9000 boggled minds with their loop-core joy-math and totally re-enforced my belief that Pretoria is the country's home for unique, inspired rock and roll. Kodiak got people screaming and got me dancing. Sticky Antlers tore through 30 minutes of pure awesomeness, probably terrified 80% of the audience and made the 20%'s night. Kidofdoom painted themselves gold and melted brains. Nathan Scott Phillips rocked the dancefloor. Yesterday's Pupil kept it rocking. Moe Joe worked people into a total frenzy with an incredible set and mixed it together flawlessly. Haezer destroyed.

Thank you so much to everyone that made it what it was. I have never in my life been involved in a project where so many incredibly talented people have ganged up to create something awesome for other people to enjoy.
Thanks so much MJ for drawing a small army of werewolves, robo-bats and spinal chords. Thanks fo PJ and gang for turning a tree into a 2-story-high golden robo-totem pole. Thank you Philip and Kelda for creating Jasper, the largest human killing and candy despencing bouncer-robot in party history. Maaike and Andre for 3D ghost friends. Katja for making sure the entire venue was full of severed limbs blowing in the wind. Jared for been a spraying machine of doom. Richard for teaming up with Jared to create 2 of the best jack-o-lanterns planet earth saw in 2009, and for building me the raddest robot head at the party :)

To Khyle, John and Sam for creating awesomeness and more importantly for giving me so much faith in what Dynamo can become. Thank you so much.

Cam for an awesome set, free mixes, loads of supplies and telling me to turn my lights up high.
Matt AKA Afro-bot for monster MC skills.

Henk, Willie, Duplooy and the entire Hotbox gang for taking us in and making 100 great things happen, including somehow getting the screen out of the house.

To Peter for blinding us yet again.

The Doom, The Antlers, The Vampires, P-Dog, Col, Cam, Rox, Joe and Eben for slaying with nonstop sets of awesomeness.
Alice, Anja, Cam and Lindi for teaming up with me to shoot the best visuals we've ever had for one of our parties. For showing the world that robots killing humans at a Bon Jovi concert can be fun. For making RD2D lead a synchronized dance and a making a robotic raptor pose and making tiny astronauts sit on a severed head and bringing a whole army of toys to life.

To Phil for saving our asses.

To Joe and Dom for changing everything in the space of less than a year.

To the Sunday shopping gang.

To Andreas, Martinique and family for the KRNGYness. To Lizzy and Christian for the Delight. To Maaike for the Mikado. To Misha for the Steam Room.

To Lewes for ghosts to get kids excited about the future.

To Liam, Ndax, Moitse, Alice and everyone else that documented the carnage.

To everyone that dressed up, made their way through that horror tunnel and rocked out on the other side. To Rick, Sophie Nathan and Lauren for been the first people ever to put real Dynamo photos online.

To the JHB kids - for been willing to drive all the way through and for your awesomely fine taste in choosing us over zeffness.

To the Cape Town kids that flew up for it. Godzilla-sized high fives to you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Peter Rodda said...

Hey Ben!

With such an awesome collective collaboration of cool creative kids, its easy to forget a name or two. You did a real good job of thanking everyone - now we owe you a thank you or two!

Thanks for bringing everyone together over the last 5 years! Thanks for introducing us (me) to the disco dance sounds of Indy. Thanks for making and keeping all your friends, for seeing the talent in everyone, for giving everyone a chance to be involved, for your hair-every-where...

The most common conversation starting line was again, "How cool is this party!?!?"...

Thanks for yet another awesome party! Here's to you and the rest of the cool-creative-colab-collective... Thanks for making it OUR party!

Cameron said...

Thank You, Fuck You!

Jared said...


i'm totaly with Peter on this one.
thank-you for keeping this ball rolling. without you, awesome-ness like this would never happen, and none of us would have the opertunities to do the things we do.

it's always cool to be apart of projects that are about having a rad time. so once again, thanks homie!