Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Yesterday's Pupil video!


My friend Peach has just released his 2nd music video! I shall post it below, followed by some very informative info on it from the Griet website.

The video was filmed, directed, animated, styled and edited by Louis Minnaar. Based in Pretoria, Minnaar is a respected creative with over 30 group shows and a one man exhibition under his belt at the Salon Gallery in Cape Town. Minnaar’s music video for Jacob Israel, ‘Her Narnian Horse Analogy,’ was a finalist at the IMAGO 2008 International young film festival in Fundão, Portugal as well as nominated for a BITFILM award in Hamburg, Germany 2009.

Yesterday’s Pupil just returned from his tour of Argentina where he was invited to perform live at the TMDG launch party of ‘The President’ who opened a branch in Buenos Aires, making this his second international tour.

With a number 2 chart position for best music video with his previous single, ‘Lines and Colours’ (also directed by Louis Minnaar), the two teamed up once more to create their second music video for the song ‘Mechanisms of the Universe’.

Minnaar’s production is a digital bricolage of sophisticated animation, motion graphics and clever set-design cruising through a series of fantastical imagery and abstract 3D environments all driven by the central performance of Yesterday’s Pupil (PH van Pletzen).

Yesterday’s Pupil plays an explorer who has discovered many planets in his travels, including his latest one, planet earth. He now feels he has reached a point where his work is done and desires to cross over into the nether regions of space to find a new home where he will live forever. The video begins with him still on earth, trying to find a way to leave. When he finally does manage to make his journey and reach his new home, the bridge of the song kicks in, climaxing into a completely different world.

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